Flower Tent Update – 11/17/13


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Flower Tent Update - 11/17/1318+ As Always… Added the White Voodoo today, it vegged for 57 days. Things are going well on the other two, Day 35F, I’m looking forward to running the Chemdawg again, without letting it…

2 comments on “Flower Tent Update – 11/17/13

  1. stableboy420 on

    Hahahahahahahahahaha that Jack Herer is out of fuckin control! My fave
    plant on youtube! Can’t wait for the next update!

  2. BolagnaSheetsMD . on

    Looks great, same story with me, my males that showed early and the one
    that looked diff and unsexed was the female, where the hairs come out are
    nice fat ass calyxes than a hair will burst out, I am just warning you cuz
    it is so large at first you may think its another male lol but it will
    shoot a fat thick ass hair out I’m sure of it. Man I hope our dreams come
    true and we start this epic warehouse bro, I think me and you would make a
    epic duo

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