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Flower Room VegOregon Medical Marijuana Program DIV8 well the title says it all….i transplanted these 3 days ago and now ill let them sit in 18/6 until the sept1…..i planted the seeds on july4th so the first is still less than 2 months ­čÖé ill be taking the clones the day i flip and will make a vid showing how i roll while doing so ­čÖé couple things ide like to talk about , first being these are all in Ocean Forest : / …reason being i went to buy my soil load and sombody ”a complete badass motherfucker”

49 comments on “Flower Room Veg

  1. MOTIV303 on

    Lookin StickyfingerKomaliscious my friend, excellent job as always man. Excited to see how these do. Swerve made an excellent choice in having YOU grow these out, I hope they do well for you. Keep up the KILL brother. Rap´╗┐ to ya later! Peace Koma! Motiv

  2. midwestmeds on

    looking good bro real good thanks for shareing some game with us learning alot and my girls or showing it peace and pot and live´╗┐ free homie!

  3. brockkkk6969 on

    Fuuck feels like yesterday u planted em. Fuckin wish i had u to guide me. Only grower i´╗┐ truly envy right herr

  4. MrRoxxstar on

    Ive got´╗┐ a life., ever check out my videos pal ?.., and yeah., Im old school., damn proud of it too. Excuse me for expressing my opinion to someone else…

  5. MrRoxxstar on

    No Offense Koma., but I check out your videos for great information, and usually get exactly what Im looking for, except when I cant finish your videos because of that ebonic rap garbage youre playing while youre talking. Why is it everyone that grows their own seems to think we wanna hear that shit when watching their´╗┐ videos ? Im a huge fan of your green-thumb skills, but move on to another video as soon as that crap starts playing…

  6. RealMissMariah on

    lol hahahahahahahahahaahahaahaha koma had me weak to MrRoxxstar comment
    “move on´╗┐ then lil feller” lol

  7. fazzio1000 on

    I feel the same way.I can’t get most of the rap music in the vids, so´╗┐ I leave and forget to hit the up button if I can’t watch why vote????

  8. hilltopave33 on

    Fan Leaves are massive.´╗┐ Sounds like you got some big plans your working on, hope everything goes well. A Koma book or DVD would be Sick.

  9. egr tooski on

    Seriously thanks for sharing your knowledge on growing.´╗┐ It’s good to know that there are peeps like you, who likes to keep it green for everybody!!!!

  10. MrRoxxstar on

    “Lil Feller” ? Really ? I didnt insult you., and this is the way you respond by insulting me ? Im a´╗┐ 50yr old adult., not a “lil feller” and dont appreciate your remark. Ive been a fan for a long time., back when you didnt play this garbage in your videos. Dude…

  11. QweeHustles24 on

    @koma…bro u got ur shit dailed in 2 the t…quick ?´╗┐ I bought some burpee seed starters they coco but at 10 days aint no roots is rapid rooters better or is it something i did wrong?…peace

  12. vwdown on

    Absolutely Beautiful!!! I love the way you make those bitches´╗┐ dance. I do the same thing!! Props!

  13. NicolasNugs on

    I wish I knew what´╗┐ you were feeding. If it is alway posted somewhere, please let me know.

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