FLIGHT 370 PING CONFIRMED. I told you guys! 7:10 4:20!

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April 7, 2014
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April 7, 2014

FLIGHT 370 PING CONFIRMED. I told you guys! 7:10 4:20!all viewers must 18 and up for this video. adult setting, language and activities. Live BF4 with Nay on Cam!



    hey man

  2. Robert Mulligan says:


  3. Nina Semone says:

    lol damn I like this looool..

  4. Nina Semone says:


  5. trendyasdabbers says:

    420! 710!

  6. Robert Mulligan says:

    and to all the Trendy Dabbers!!!! <3

  7. Nina Semone says:

    Ok love it got ya Robert love it<3

  8. Robert Mulligan says:


  9. Jack Gecko says:

    i THINK i have same one

  10. Jack Gecko says:

    youre up early Nay

  11. Nina Semone says:

    Love this song who is it by?

  12. Nina Semone says:

    lmfaoooo love it

  13. Nina Semone says:


  14. Nina Semone says:

    Oh I know I never saw you doin that at all I feel ya hun don’t blame you..

  15. Nina Semone says:

    Lmaooo yeas he do lol

  16. Nathan Johnson says:

    have to update nay i’ll say when it’s done 😀

  17. Nina Semone says:


  18. Nina Semone says:

    Damn I know you close to they ass lol

  19. Ivar Thegreat says:

    10 year old Xing xu in Indonesia..haha

  20. Robert Mulligan says:


  21. Nathan Johnson says:

    what was your name again nay on origin?

  22. Robert Mulligan says:

    I’m gonna go try and pass out before the sun comes up. it was great
    catching up and hanging out! thanks for supporting my music,,, AS ALWAYS!!!
    =D love you mang! talk to ya soon!

  23. Tokin Dave says:

    Thumbs up Im chillin with ma new peice and making coffe

  24. Robert Mulligan says:

    damn… u use to dominate battlefield for HORS and HOURS!

  25. Robert Mulligan says:


  26. TheDeathknightrpally says:

    Have you done a video on your computer set up?

  27. Jack Gecko says:

    nay the piece you been using lately, who makes it??

  28. Robert Mulligan says:


  29. Robert Mulligan says:


  30. Robert Mulligan says:

    do you even Battlefield bruh?

  31. Robert Mulligan says:

    by the way,, thanks Nina! -made my night!

  32. Lukes Florida says:

    indeed great upload!!

  33. Robert Mulligan says:

    BEN! you still battlefield? any clan action?

  34. Nina Semone says:

    Cheers <3

  35. Tokin Dave says:

    just doin this live man Im learnin bro !

  36. Robert Mulligan says:


  37. ziggieization says:

    Cheers to all

  38. Tokin Dave says:

    Mornin nay mornin trendys whats good!

  39. trendyasdabbers says:


  40. Nina Semone says:

    Im high I see somebody playin a video Car game on here lmfaooo

  41. Robert Mulligan says:

    do it! I miss battlefield.. but don’t ruin your chat for it! – I LOVE
    deadspace- badass

  42. Nina Semone says:

    Lmaooo at this game

  43. Robert Mulligan says:

    thanks for rocking it mang!

  44. Robert Mulligan says:

    graphics def. got more personal with the new battlefield… blood and more!

  45. Robert Mulligan says:


  46. Nathan Johnson says:

    i’ll play battlefield 4 with you nay 😀

  47. ziggieization says:

    Rob nice tracks just subbed

  48. Tom Ace says:

    its the 5th

  49. ziggieization says:


  50. Robert Mulligan says: