first grow- day 4 flower


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first grow- day 4 flowerwhen will i know the sex ??? 4th day light switc to 12/12 veg 6-7 weeks first time growing , looking for tips and comments, using advanced Sensi Grow nutes have the follwowing on the way, Fox Farm Big Bloom .01-.3-.7 Organic Nutrient Budswel Liquid Guano Plant Supplement Nutri+ Thrive Plant Tonic Fox Farm Tiger Bloom Nutrient Additive Nutri+ Bloom A+B Nutrient

11 comments on “first grow- day 4 flower

  1. stableboy420 on

    Could be tomorrow, could be a week from now. Soon though, very soon. Look for the white hairs. Like a pair of a-cup titties! Gives me a boner anyway, lol.

  2. autokush on

    yo, so are they supposed to show flowers and not bud? cuz i have some clones that have started to bud and they getting 18/6

  3. autokush on

    shit thats probably it , i had them on 24’s and than swathed to 18/6 to save energy . thanks for the help bro, and sorry to hear about your luck!

  4. stableboy420 on

    That’s it! White hairs are what you are looking for. They will grow out of every “V” that is made with the branches and stems. Males won’t have the hairs. They will have these little pods, kinda look like little broccoli sprouts. DEATH TO MALES! lol.

  5. autokush on

    hey bro just getting your msg, i fried my mac, but thanks for that info..that is good to know to show sex at week 8. but anyway check out my update

  6. autokush on

    yea bro we got some confusion going on here,but basically what I’m asking is, plants can have white hairs and stay in veg right ? cuz i thought you could keep a plant in veg forever ???? ( some white hairs have turned orange) …but I’m just wondering why some of my clones are starting to bud when i haven’t changed the light cyle, can this happen due to stress? cuz i have stressed them out,
    ps. all clones are from my big plants, you should check them out ( update 2) will upload video though

  7. autokush on

    i checked, and i only see white hairs on a couple , dont see no balls yet… i thought the males showed first ???

  8. autokush on

    lmao ! ya i still cant see nothing, i see white hairs but i dont think im looking at the right thing

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