FinShaggy’s New Grow


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FinShaggy's New GrowGot back to Colorado, Got my renewal, Got some seeds goin 🙂

7 comments on “FinShaggy’s New Grow

  1. cd123atd4e on

    That sux . I did get 1 female out of my batch of seeds germinating . So im the proud parent of a blue diesel X cheese plant . I got four more that r three wks behind. And four more beans left all of that specific breeding

  2. Fin Shaggy on

    Thanks for the comment. Watch more of my videos if you are ever bored. And you can subscribe, my grow will be ongoing.

  3. Fin Shaggy on

    No, germinated in toilet paper actually, then once the seedlings were about 2 in long, I put them in the rice, so that I could put them in the light 😀

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