Finishing up the New Indoor Grow Room Build Part 6

The “POOR MANS CANNABIS GROW” #4 – Recycling Containers & Supplies
April 18, 2015
Terpinator Side By Side ep2-6 using House & Garden, 9 lb Hammer No Co2
April 18, 2015

The building is almost finally over. I can almost start to focus on growing now. Please be 18 years or older to watch this video if you are not please click off this video. Also, If you are…


  1. Old Fart Grows says:

    AWESOME : ) so happy for ya Brah. Was wondering what has been happening.
    Just got back from the BatCave with D-man where we did a newt change on the
    Chronic Thunders. Waiting for camera to unload and spotted your update.
    Dude, I’m so happy for you. You’re going to love those Mars lights. I ran
    the reflector series and they made great plants. Did you go an enamel on
    the floor or epoxy?

    Have a GROOVY Day
    Dahbig Kahuna

  2. Mr Home Grown says:

    Jamed Packed thanks

  3. Jam Packed says:

    looking good bro keep it up

  4. Mr Home Grown says:

    Hey Old Fart Grows,
    Actually I put that stuff you told me to get on the floor. The Henry’s roof
    coating. After I did that, I found it to be actually sticky to the bottoms
    of my shoes. So I basically had to buy some regular latex white paint for
    the outside of the grow room and used that on top of the Henry’s. It seems
    to be stuck to the concrete pretty good as we speak. Time will tell how
    good of a choice it was. I know its not going to stay or hold up a long
    time but that roof coating that I put on the floor just didn’t dry to my
    liking so I figure one day I will be taking some solvent to the floor and
    putting down concrete paint over the old red stuff that was on the floor to
    begin with. Anyway did you get my email I sent you a couple of weeks back?
    I have been wanting to talk to you about some questions I have about
    posting videos on YouTube. I have been having problems and wanted to send
    you a email to find out what you use and stuff like that. I wanted to find
    out how you edit the screen when D-man walks into the line of the camera. I
    am not to up on how to do that kind of stuff and I want to get better at
    it. I was hoping that maybe you would be able to give me some hints or
    pointers, but I wanted to make sure you check your email before I go ahead
    and write a long note and it sit there if you know what I mean. Let me
    know. Peace

  5. Mr Home Grown says:

    Yeah I turned the light on that is hanging in the Veg area and it was very
    bright. You have to have LED glasses on. I picked up some Method 7 LED
    glasses. they have a green tint to them. They help with the light. I will
    have to find out what I can use on my camera to filter out the light so
    people can see the girls when it come time to show them off.