Episode #4 Dude Grows Show (made with Spreaker)


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Episode #4 Dude Grows Show (made with Spreaker)Welcome to Episode #4! We discuss recent marijuana related news and why you should grow your own. Todays grow tip talks about trellising plants vs using bamb…

One comment on “Episode #4 Dude Grows Show (made with Spreaker)

  1. Nick Kush on

    Yalls wanna hear some funny shit. On CNN right now they got an article
    “Does smoking pot cause man boobs?” LMFAO. Whats wrong with this country?
    This is the worst propaganda in the world. An actual plastic surgeon wrote
    this hilarious article. It ends with “So for now, if you have moobs, it’s
    probably best to put out that joint.” moobs= man boobs

    So you chunkier potheads, you guys gotta stop before you grow boobs. My
    skinny ass should be good.

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