Episode #21 Dude Grows Show

Highlight Horticulture at Spannabis 2014
April 1, 2014
2016: The End of Pot Prohibition
April 1, 2014

Episode #21 Dude Grows ShowLets talk about grow lights for marijuana gardening. We discuss HID bulbs, HPS, MH, L.E.D. fluorescent T5, induction lighting, and the new LEC 315 watt fixtu…


  1. BuddyJesusSmokes says:

    https://blogs.vancouversun.com/2014/03/28/the-coming-marijuana-crash/ Can
    you guys continue coverage of prices where you guys are please? It is a
    very important part of the biz and I need to keep my eyes up to market
    forces. I already see greenhouse growing as THE economical way to grow and
    will eventually phase out my indoor gardens to meet continued decline in
    market prices all over in the west. I live in michigan BTW.

  2. bronxhouse00 says:

    Ijahman ate my seeds in route riot plugs I soak the plugs in humic acid and
    fungi. I scoffed the seeds with sandpaper let them sit in hydrogen peroxide
    for 15 minutes then put them in the plugs. I top feed just to keep the root
    riot moist at all times once seeds pops I add very light food and continue
    to top feed until roots protrude from the bottom at that point then I put
    in DWC bucket add rocks level with water so the roots slightly touched the
    water when inserted into the basket then back filled with rocks

  3. Jason Dewey says:

    Oh shit, Scotty is mounting the television again. Hey! Get off of that