Doctor Office Tour – Higher Learning

Intro to the 4kw Animal Cookies/Gorilla Glue #4 garden – Day 30 flower!
April 17, 2015
★ Double DAB Strike Out! ★
April 17, 2015

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  1. markus hoffsten says:

    So i can go from sweden to there and get a license? :)

  2. DeathRow760 says:

    Why go there if u could go to kushfornia

  3. jason4275 says:

    Wow that place looks like a pain in the ass, I guess it’s different process
    for different states, here in los angeles I go in, I brought my
    prescription bottle with my pills, that was given to me by my doctor, 15
    Minutes later, I was out the door with my marijuana card, I use CBD cream
    for my rotator Cuff pain, I don’t smoke or eat Marijuana because is like
    viagra to me.

  4. David Rubio says:

    Over prize!!!!!

  5. MrTwitty88 says:

    dont go here

  6. Gmoney2dope says:

    thats the best guy they could find to do this video? makes it seem super

  7. tecnoblix says:

    This was so refreshing. I was contrasting this with the hundreds of Doctors
    and standard medical clinic commercials I’ve seen. The ones that show the
    pretty patient, the dashing doctor, and how everything is rainbows. Higher
    Learning looks like the real deal. Like a clinic that ACTUALLY want’s to
    help their patients.

  8. coolman949 says:

    We will give anyone a recommendation, even if you have tattoos all over
    your fucking head and face lol

  9. DaCamponTwee says:

    So he’s a doctor named office?