Do those Growing Marijuana kits online really work?

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Marijuana Growing
dr_blackshoes asked:

If So which is the highest recomended

4 comments on “Do those Growing Marijuana kits online really work?

  1. just simply me. on

    go grow some and get busted.

    seriously what are you thinking? its illegal.

    i hope you buy it and get your ass caught.

  2. Zman on

    Don’t buy anything with the words GROW MARIJUANA on it.
    Way to give marijuana growers a bad FU7King name,

    You don’t think cops will be checking your place out when they see that you’ve bought a fucking kit for growing marijuana.

    All you’ve got to do is, find out the contents of the kits and buy the items at local stores. NOT ALL AT ONE STORE

    c’mon man, think logically.

    -One Love
    -Peace n Pot

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