Day Two – Cannabis Seedling Care – and Grow Room Update


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Day Two - Cannabis Seedling Care - and Grow Room UpdateSeeking the best CBD Strain of Marijuana. Day Two of Cannabis Seedling Starts. After a brief tour of the veg room and the flower room, we…

4 comments on “Day Two – Cannabis Seedling Care – and Grow Room Update

  1. juicedcannabis on

    I need to get small wee seedling cups… but, I only do seeds once in a while, then go from cuttings…

  2. capricechild92 on

    Also when I transplant I add a few tablespoons of fox farm powder nutes to the new soil. I’m sure any nutes would be good BUT NOT Scotts miricle grow. Don’t use GMO supporting crap. Educate. Got to see that flower room again! Wow! Peace and Bacon grease!

  3. capricechild92 on

    Your rooms look awesome! Seeds take 3 days. This step is so much work for no so science..directly planting is effective. It’s a weed. I transplant from cup/ seed tray when roots are filling up the soil space. In the one gal I go to five gal when roots fill the bottom, you’ll see the tips out the air holes. Or you can check pulling out the plant from the pot when its dryer. Place the cup in the soil, fill soil around it, romove cup, remove plant from cup, place in cup hole, add water. Stay green!

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