Closet build overheated | Indoor CFL Cannabis Grow Cabinet Experiment Closet


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Closet build overheated | Indoor CFL Cannabis Grow Cabinet Experiment ClosetWhat I’ve done to try and resolve my overheating issues in the short term. Duration: Varies from about 6 to 22 weeks with pure indices having a shorter flowe…

22 comments on “Closet build overheated | Indoor CFL Cannabis Grow Cabinet Experiment Closet

  1. Sneak Growa on

    Sounds great. Ive aready ordered the fans ur filter idea kills two birds w one stone. New hood is inext but first i want to get the heat out

  2. TheCraZyCG on

    Also heat sometimes stops plants from feeding wich causes deviancies. See if there drinking less water than usual.

  3. Sneak Growa on

    So i have that basil/cut grass smell. And the last couple of day the flowers start to smell and will get stronger until harvest but its pretty localized. Doesn’t really make the whole smell until i start drying

  4. Sneak Growa on

    Yeah i really don’t think you know all the details on that front. I have a lot to lose if i were to get caught. Stealth is a must. Sorry to disappoint. I just used parents as an example. There are people that could be renting or live on a military base or a father that’s a cop or politician. Just because you don’t care who knows your business doesn’t mean everyone shares that opinion. I am figuring out a plan to remedy my heat issues. Hope you continue to watch.

  5. tngrowguy on

    How is your smell in the house while budding? I have a similar cabinet I’m growing in you can see my vids on tngrowguy. I’m still in veg right now and cloning giving to go to bud stage real soon and i already can smell my girls even with the door closed lol. Do you have a strong smell in your budding cycle

  6. ScopeKing1994 on

    can you obtain some dry ice?..if you can thats your best bet against heat..and it’ll feed the plants Co2 also.

  7. TheCraZyCG on

    Your light schedule will be changed to veg like that. You have to have a minimum of 12hrs dark in a row. I run 10/14 at night when it’s cooler. You could run 1 on 1 off for the first 12hrs then 12 off. Then back to 1 on 1 off.

  8. Mr420chilin on

    take the pile of leaves out of there for 1 the one with burn still hass noots in it is why its burning lights wont burn like that flush it it should be ok good job otherwise tho

  9. Sneak Growa on

    I change it to 11 on and13 off with the on cycle at night when the whole house ac is set cooler.thank for the warnings.

  10. LemThurdy420 on

    Well the way I see it is that until you stop caring about your parents finding plants in YOUR house, your never going to get a yield that even comes close to the amount of $ you have used on electricity. Your paying for your own place and worry about your parents its just too funny im sorry dude

  11. TheCraZyCG on

    Tip burns are not always nute burn. In this case it probably needs P (phosphorus) and K (potassium). Sense these plants are the same but 1 is older than the other, 1 will show deficiencies first. Nutes are not necessary but they will increase the yield ( if done properly ). Thanks!

  12. TheCraZyCG on

    Hope ya don,t mind my 2 cents. Get those 2 fans. Mount them on top holes for exhaust (active). Cut holes on lower half for intake (passive). Get a 1 size fits all carbon filter for A/C units. Cut strips top fit over all holes, 2 layers. Then secure over holes (Duct tape). Light proof, odor proof (mostly) exhaust. Slide box back about 1in. before filters touch wall. Then move your light to find the sweet spot with good light and less heat. Build a hood. (cardboard and duct tape) Thanks!

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