Clean up your dirty Parchment in ONE EASY STEP!

John Conroy 420 2014
April 28, 2014
Cannabis Genetics & History EXODUS CHEESE grown by Lady Sativa Genetics Amsterdam Weed Review
April 28, 2014

Clean up your dirty Parchment in ONE EASY STEP!all viewers must 18 and up for this video. adult setting, language and activities. Live BF4 with Nay on Cam!


  1. sbdank bud says:

    billie your the man

  2. grapeapevine says:

    EAT THE WHOLE FUCKING BAG NEY!!! u know im the cookie monster!!

  3. Trendy Brenden says:

    nays aalways feeling the chocolate chip cookies

  4. Trendy Sean says:

    im really baffled

  5. Nick Habitat says:

    I’m sure it’s just another YouTube glitch

  6. sbdank bud says:

    yo nay

  7. Johnny Appleseed says:


  8. Nick Habitat says:

    He lives 10 minutes away from me

  9. Tokin Dave says:

    just wacthed sanjay guptas weed 2 documentary powerfull man

  10. Nick Habitat says:

    Nay you gotta take a dab or bong rip for me brotha. I’m dryer than the
    sahara in this biznitch

  11. grapeapevine says:

    num num num num cookies!!!

  12. Nick Habitat says:


  13. Josue Carballo says:

    have a nice trip everybody hahaa

  14. Tokin Dave says:

    i just watched it live its recorded on my channel

  15. Trendy Sean says:

    sustainable farming is all thats left fuck……lets be amish with weed.

  16. Billie Ballantine says:

    my speakers aren’t working so i can’t hear but i’m here and lovin’ it!

  17. Garrett L says:

    fuck chris christie

  18. Tokin Dave says:

    otw my man

  19. Rust Cohle says:

    peace dave

  20. Trendy Sean says:

    fuckin tax payers paid for his lawyer regadless

  21. Nick Habitat says:

    I learned about you from Corny D

  22. Tokin Dave says:


  23. cupojoe withjoe says:

    dab time!

  24. Nick Habitat says:

    From Corny D

  25. Tokin Dave says:

    Billie is Beast

  26. chris tuck says:

    yoooo nay you look sleepy as fuck

  27. Trendy Sean says:

    im sure if and investigative team of people that are all on my pay roll
    would find me clean as a virgin in detergent dude

  28. Johnny Appleseed says:

    i’m growing much more than just weed this summer food wise

  29. sbdank bud says:

    wat up dave

  30. Nick Habitat says:

    TOKIN DAVE i was subscribed to you but my youtube was being all funny a
    couple days ago and unsubbed a bunch of people

  31. Tyler O'Barr says:

    Monsanto will kill us all

  32. Tokin Dave says:

    everyone thumbs ub sub everyone im out z zzz SB FTM 805 CHEA!

  33. cupojoe withjoe says:

    cheers bro heating it up

  34. Tokin Dave says:


  35. Josue Carballo says:

    cheers cupojoe

  36. Nick Habitat says:

    No idea its happened a couple times

  37. Benito Mota says:

    Sup nay! Sup trendys!

  38. Nick Habitat says:

    Gupta has a second one?

  39. Johnny Appleseed says:

    Its a youtube glitch that they only fix for major channels google just
    ignores smaller channels its happening to

  40. Trendy Sean says:

    fuck hilary

  41. Billie Ballantine says:

    no @Dave’s a Beast

  42. Johnny Appleseed says:

    i can link a full video that explains the glitch

  43. Nice won says:

    fuck my necks killin me TIME FOR A DAB

  44. Tyler O'Barr says:

    do you have a custom PC?

  45. Tokin Dave says:

    fuk chris christie

  46. Tyler O'Barr says:

    Fucking poison man

  47. chris tuck says:

    hows the dnail working out for you

  48. Trendy Sean says:


  49. Nick Habitat says:

    You’re better off growing most if not all of your own food.

  50. sbdank bud says:

    my ch works now