CFL — Closet Grow (Extremely Low Budget) wk#3


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CFL -- Closet Grow (Extremely Low Budget)  wk#3CFL LIGHTS USED* (3)– 26watt/6500k/1600lumens (1) 42watt/6500k/ 2800lumens (1) 55watt/2700k/3860lumens For a Total of and ACTUAL = 175watts and 11460 Lume…

49 comments on “CFL — Closet Grow (Extremely Low Budget) wk#3

  1. TreeBurnah831420 on

    thanks man appreciate it! about 11,400 lumens for all the light output. The specific details on the lights im using are in the video desciption

  2. bird15063 on

    plants are looking real good. i just started growing a few plants about a month ago and need some help and advise if anyone could go watch some my vidieos that would be great thanks stoner freinds

  3. TreeBurnah831420 on

    Lol CFL’s arent half as bad as their reputation right! thanks bro ima huge fan of your channel !!

  4. TreeBurnah831420 on

    lol man i didnt think much of it until everyone’s comments. I seriously have no idea how they bushed out so much besides mixing the red and blue spectrum CFL’s. I didnt Top them, use nutrients, or trim any leaves in this video update! shit i didnt even have a fan either! lol they are seriously growing like monsters check my newer videos. its either the lights (2700k mixed with 6500k’s) or the Genetics of the plants!

  5. TreeBurnah831420 on

    Thanks h4ppyleader I have the lights im using in description. Im thinking about adding more in these upcoming weeks but so far so good. Nice roots on your hydro grow man 🙂 just watched your vid update!

  6. TreeBurnah831420 on

    lol thanks man check my newest video im on week #6 that little plant isnt so little anymre! hahah. And the runt! lol its still a runt. Same age as the others but Its been through a lot in its short life lol. Got burned by a CFL as a sproutling, then later HALF of its roots came off during re-potting ( lower half of the soil dopped off and took the roots with it) buuut, its still growing VERY SLOWLY so i keep it because its my lil soldier. Never gonna flower it just gonna see how big it does get

  7. TreeBurnah831420 on

    thanks man appreciate it a lot bro !! Hopefully my skills keep getting better im still nowhere near pro-status yet!

  8. Joseph Chase on

    How they all flat on top? Lol they look perfect. I’m growing some Dutch treat right now 1st time growing should be done in a few weeks.

  9. TreeBurnah831420 on

    hahahah thanks bra all credit to the lights and molasses water! i used 1 & half TEASPOONS of ” Unsulphured Molasses” to 1 Gallon water (half the recommended dosage since they’re still younger plants). Watch out though, black NATS started flying in through my window no more than 30minutes after i used molasses water. Never seen a nat in my room before that.

  10. Terry Obright on

    I just finished putting in an order with them man thnx for the hook up and FYI I am not a bro 😉 I am a 55yr old woman.

  11. mickeybigbuds on

    your doing great bruv. and the truth is you don’t need to spend a fortune to succeed as youv clearly shown.just a heads up tho. you may want to invest in a 400 or 600 hps light for flowering as you will get much more bud.great grow and all the best from uk

  12. CChief144 on

    Put that lil plant in the middle on top of something like an upside down pot to get it above the big ones or even something just a few inches talk and they won’t be able to cover it. It’ll be able to get bigger. By the way what’s up with that lil runt to the far left?

  13. Terry Obright on

    where you get your seeds man? I want a really good Indica to grow for myself. These plants are righteous they look so dang good. thnx for sharing

  14. TreeBurnah831420 on

    funny things is, i didnt do a thing in this one!! they were just growing like monsters, didnt even trim a leaf yet! haha. Really, i feel like the 55watt (2700k) light mixed in with the (6500k) lights is what made them bushy. I did start feeding them molasses water ( 1& half teaspoon to a gallon) but they were already this bushy when i started

  15. TreeBurnah831420 on

    hahaha thanks man im hoping to inspire a few new people just like i was by other peoples grow videos! i have ALL my grow techniques in the video even down to the nutrients/feedings. that way people can only do better than i am! all about helping the next person to do better

  16. scamela21 on

    Hangers… Hell yeah I’m from Detroit Hell yeah hangers we can do the Hanger thing..Shit Then I don’t got to go to Walmart…HELL YEA.

  17. imstuckinfoned on

    I use full spectrum light in my veg and flower room. i’m Also a cfl grower.

  18. TreeBurnah831420 on

    No worries pimpin both our plants are still young u might be able to upgrade more than me! thats why i share ALL my info. That way people can only do better than what im doing! You already know bro im waitin to see how they coming along u got a bunch of good prospects

  19. TreeBurnah831420 on

    Lol gotta do what we gotta do right! hahaha yeah the plants are waay to big im gonna have to take them off that desk and put them on the ground in the closet. Check my channel i have newer updates than this one they are goin crazy bro

  20. TreeBurnah831420 on

    Lol yeah man people act like they dont get the job done! im using mainly 26 watt bulbs. Check my channel i have newer updates than this one and they are doing GREAT. Really big and bushy right now

  21. TreeBurnah831420 on

    hahahah bro thats too funny i’ve been calling them monsters since this video! lol and yeah the plants have gone wild! check my updates i have weeks 4 & 5 up. week #6 coming tomorrow!

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