CannApolis – Day Zero

¿Tenemos un receptor cerebral para la marihuana?
December 20, 2014
#54 Dude Grows Show Dropping Science
December 20, 2014

WELCOME TO CANNAPOLIS!!! A semi daily exploration of breeding cannabis. Thanks for Watching and Supporting the show! If you have a grow question please leave comments and Ill try and…


  1. Steve Nooney says:

    thanks for the upload Vader! Excited to see whats in store!

  2. jdekayable says:


  3. PHnerd says:

    Beans Beans Beans! Going to be great! 

  4. CustomGrow420 says:

    Smash that LIKE button!

  5. tooncesc says:

    I have 2 Canna Boost questions. What do you think is the optimal ml per
    gallon? For what it costs I don’t want to be wasting it. Do you know of
    any cost effective alternatives for Boost? Thx.

  6. VaderOG says:

    Wanna support VaderVision? Like, Share, Subscribe and comment to help boost
    awareness of our show!

    All questions will be answered at the end of each week and you can also
    email them to if you don’t feel comfortable leaving them
    here on the comments.

    Hope everyone is having a great winter! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

  7. Misty8flip says:

    Looking forward to the episodes!

  8. Killer Sativa says:

    Thanks and looking forward to this!

  9. Psunfire says:

    What’s your full time job? Thanks
    Chicago IL 

  10. Bruce says:

    Looking forward to another fantastic series. Thanks for putting some time
    aside for us, the most precious commodity! 

  11. moscaman559 says:

    Glad you’re back with the show, always need my Vader fix!!

  12. CannonCan Grow says:


  13. northCALIFA says:

    it’s my birthday! Beertastical

  14. xSTONEDxNINJAx says:

    The excitement is brewing…. 2015 is gunna be soooo beany

  15. kooooter66 says:

    getting ready to pop my last six wizards potion first five were all female
    and amazing kept one feno for two years lost her this year hoping for
    another good plant .

  16. BolagnaSheetsMD . says:

    hell yea bro, I love your teaching skills very in depth thank you

  17. crumbsjaden says:

    just switched up from Rhizotonic to Roots Accelurator. any experience with
    the latter?