CannApolis – Day 56 THE CHOP!

February 15, 2015
Cannabis Coconut oil part 7
February 15, 2015

WELCOME TO THE FIFTY SIXTH DAY OF CANNAPOLIS!!! A semi daily exploration of breeding cannabis. Questions now are answered on random days and I try and answer what I can if its new, …


  1. Maine420medgrower says:

    good series full of good info thanks for all of your work. check out my
    channel sometime if you are bored. WE GROW FROST stay medicated

  2. PHnerd says:

    Great run my friend, Now gimmie those beans!!!!!!!!

  3. Green Gun says:

    Well done Sir!

  4. VaderOG says:

    V Day upload for the love of my life.. Mary Jane ~_0

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  5. SDdayze says:

    This CannApolis series was a lot of fun and informative. I hope you do it
    again. Thanks

  6. rghands711 says:

    Nice grow. Throw a brother some seeds, lol

  7. MN WAKEnBAKE says:

    Hell yea bro!
    I’ll be harvesting soon too!
    Growers Love!

  8. DrGonzo12676 says:

    As always a great run. Looking forward to the future of Vapor vision.