Cannabis/Marijuana Bowls/Dabs.


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Cannabis/Marijuana Bowls/Dabs.

49 comments on “Cannabis/Marijuana Bowls/Dabs.

  1. techhydro on

    i got some dank n some wax but i dont own a torch or rig n how do i cam with u n smoke nay?

  2. grandaddynative on

    i got one of those little 2pack ramekins at walmart yesterday. they work good, way better then plastic. 

  3. techhydro on

    no im in monroe its close tho lol imoved from ohio 6 months ago to get legal i been atching u for 9 months lol

  4. 5U7UR3DASHAMAN on

    I watch for everything.
    You talking politics, news, playing guitar, blowing fat smoke rings, fuck yeah..
    Keep doing what you’re doing Bennaynay
    Fucking hyped XD

  5. 5U7UR3DASHAMAN on

    I’d really like you to get into growing or maybe tell me what channel has all the old grow videos?

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