“Cannabis in Motion” (Crop King Seeds, Flower Weeks 1-2)

Spannabis 2015 Mother Rooms
April 23, 2015
#Trendyasdabbers Biggest Fan!!
April 23, 2015

Welcome to “Cannabis in Motion” ☆ “Cannabis in Motion” is a beautifully crafted montage, created to show each individual Crop King Seed strain from our current Season 5 CONT indoor grow….


  1. scottydoish says:

    Great job G420G!!! This turned out great.

  2. Sepulveda Blvd says:

    Great video. Like your new studio and where you are taking your channel.
    Top Shelf Video. Know your busy like everyone else but try to keep us in
    YouTube Land updated more often. Keep making videos and I will keep

  3. jbates0536 says:

    Nice video man. 

  4. Alex Mills says:

    Almost made me cry was so lovely lol

  5. Daniel Martinez says:

    Been waiting for an update! About time! 

  6. Ernest Poole says:

    Wow G420G that’s a great video you can tell you put hard work into that one
    loving the new set Junebugg from the east coast

  7. Testie Migee says:
  8. ChronicTheHedgeBong says:

    Ha. First

  9. Grow420Guide says:
  10. hood-grower.KG says:

    White cookies yea bio

  11. Scott Tyers says:

    Lovely video man, and I knew that big haze extreme was a girl almost wanna
    say I told you so, she a beauty good work 

  12. Johnny Robles says:

    Where you been og?