Cannabis Cup Denver Part 3, Happy 420!

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May 1, 2014
【予告】大麻は奇跡を呼ぶ!? 医療大麻 最前線 – Medicinal Marijuana in Japan (Trailer)
May 1, 2014

Cannabis Cup Denver Part 3, Happy 420!Welcome to Season 3! New Products, New Strains & More! Part: 3 is pretty self explanatory its 420! Happy 420! I hope everyone had a safe but awesome day, I know I did! Thanks for watching…


  1. Tunerguy23 . says:

    luckily i know a bro that moved out there so maybe next yr i’ll stay wit
    them and attend it. luv the vids keep’em coming G4G

  2. sky lark says:

    Man that was the best video footage of the 420 celebration i’ve seen so
    far… really felt like I was there with you guys.. and I was smoking right
    along with you guys….lol Peace

  3. George Lopez says:

    Hopefully I’ll be there next year. Great vid

  4. PhantomQueenOne says:

    You got Pops to come with you? And nice music!

  5. Steven Dennis says:

    Dad needs to start making cameos on the channel. Thanks for another video.
    DAD Rocks
    Peace and pot 

  6. Bobby Welsh says:

    i need some seeds!

  7. Pete Pequeno says:

    Wish I could’ve gone! Also just so u know G 420 ur f****** awesome! Much
    respect homie for showing love to ur OGs I know u would’ve been coo to kick
    it with. No homo js!

  8. unvvj69 says:

    Amazing series of video’s brother it was the next best thing to being there
    as I could not make it,funds were not there to make the trip.

  9. mike dunn says:


  10. akasmokesalot johnny says:

    Hey dude if you dont have anything to do may 11 come drop a bean with us
    for the 2nd annual free the bean community seed drop!!! Cheers brother!
    Hate I don’t get a chance to chat with you anymore!!! Take fun and have

  11. StayHigh420 says:

    Big fan G420G! Hope to sesh with you one day buddy! Peace and love from

  12. Growing With Mr.Tight says:

    nice edit in that montage. i wish i knew how and had the time for all that
    extra stuff. I make everything on my camera with simple cuts and joins

  13. Colorado finest says:

    Right on another nice video.

  14. Midd Grow says:

    Can’t wait for 2015 Cannabis Cup i wont miss that one :)

  15. GrowingWithCFLs says:

    the first time i ever smoked really good pot, it was shishkaberry, i got a
    few grams of it for $20 a gram, i never smoked “reggie” weed again!

  16. irishfan0001 says:

    Nothing like getting off work and having some new grow420guide to medicate
    to. Well done brother keep it up

  17. SantiagoSernaKO says:


  18. Chris Irish says:

    nice vid sir!!!!!

  19. hamutzy says:

    red band look over baked … LoL 

  20. King Dee says:

    I must attend next year!!

  21. GamertagTOWELLIE says:

    If you run into an ignorant person who says cannabis is harmful to your
    mind or body, toss a copy of “How to Heal Your Pineal Gland to Facilitate
    Enlightenment” into their lap. That book cites a bunch of recent,
    independent studies that concluded that not only does cannabis not harm
    you, it can actually help you by stimulating melatonin (which, in addition
    to being a neurohormone is also a powerful antioxidant that protects your
    cells). Also, that book cites the ideal vaporizing temps and explains why
    properly vaporized cannabis is not harmful to you. Toke on, my brothers &
    sisters ;o)

  22. King Dee says:

    Parttttt333333.. nice video .keep it up #TeamGrow

  23. Jipsē Glass says:

    Good fuckin times my brudda !!! Great video !

  24. Allin Weed says:

    Thanks for the vids OG