Cannabis Cup Denver Part 2, The Cup Day 1

BigDansGreenThumb Genetics In The House……
April 25, 2014
Bob Davidson at 4:20 2014
April 25, 2014

Cannabis Cup Denver Part 2, The Cup Day 1Welcome to Season 3! New Products, New Strains & More! OverGrowSociety merchandise available NOW!!! LED lights & Grow Tent: Coupon code: G420G…


  1. jrottendevil says:

    what’s the name of the song at the 6 min mark?

  2. darrinsurett07 says:

    Imma go one of these years and meet u there…cuz just like that guy u
    inspired me to grow and id always go to your vid for such great
    entertainment and information! Good shit looked hella fun!

  3. quachemo187 says:

    Love weed sex weed -ATX 512 HHEEHHHHHHH!!$$$

  4. Growing With Mr.Tight says:

    i saw a dude wearing my tshirs t!!!!!!!!!!!!!! right around 6:14 & 9:53 in
    the video

  5. ClosetGrown420 says:

    sweet, looks like such a good time!

    your dad seems super chill, good to see you can do things like this with
    your father!