Cannabis Breeding Using LED Grow Lights


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Cannabis Breeding Using LED Grow LightsDiscreet Marijuana Seeds Shipped Worldwide:

50 comments on “Cannabis Breeding Using LED Grow Lights

  1. SeedBankReviews on

    I have used their smaller square panels but haven’t used the ufos yet. As long as the spectrum is there I am sure they will perform just the same. One thing I have learned is that it isn’t the style, design or color but rather the spectrum and company backing the light that really matters.

  2. SeedBankReviews on

    for a breeding project thank you, yields and everything will be destroys since that is NOT what I am wanting but rather a ton of seeds for stock.

    they look purty in their own way lol

  3. BOYOK Arañas on

    Nice vid bro love your videos there always educational keep up the good info homie stay lifted and stay positive

  4. Michael Amoretti on

    Well I ended up watching these backwards. But the results you are having are impressive. I have been seriously researching different set ups and how to dial in a custom set up. I came across LEDs for growing by accident, i had never dreamed of using them. I read a bunch and firmly stood by the fact it was possible. Great to see results like this!

  5. Drom420 on

    This is the first time I have actually seen male plants with pollenators present.Thanks for that..I have a bag seed growing and I want to know what to look for.Well Done Bro!

  6. BOYOK Arañas on

    no homie not a good spectrum and produce alot of heat and cost too,ill stick with the florescent lamp CFL theyre cheaper and its cheap on electricity

  7. BOYOK Arañas on

    no homie not a good spectrum and produce alot of heat and cost too,ill stick with the florescent lamp CFL theyre cheaper and its cheap

  8. Edwin Chicas on

    dammm thats crazy how u just breed them like that u really bout growing i wish i could smoke some with u bro keep up the good job

  9. SeedBankReviews on

    if I weren’t wanting seeds this would be TERRIBLE. Pollen whether from male plants or females will reduce your yields if you do not remove the hermie, nannered or males from the grow area.

    Since this is a breeding project the dust is the pollen from the male cheesedogs that I am shaking to pollinate all the females to make seeds.

  10. SeedBankReviews on

    it depends on the spectrum within the panel brother not just using leds else christmas tree led light streamers would be used for growing buds.

    spectrum counts and growblu has it dialed in and continues to improve

  11. Bryan B on

    Once again, here’s a call for help for anyone who is an authority on building LED lights. I’ve accumulated lots of LEDs but I need to know more about how to put them all together. Msg me please. Also, loving this promotion dude. Counting down the days.

  12. SeedBankReviews on

    pollen chuckin is something I have been doing for many years. I LOVE running seeds but don’t care to buy them all the time SO this is the way to get er dun.

  13. greenleafskills on

    yeah man thats cool havent really seen many people using growblu.i just barely got my 14watt and its easily covers 2 x 2 with no long have you been having ur 180x3watt?and do you know if they emitt the same amount of lumens after time?

  14. SeedBankReviews on

    I know exactly where you need to head brother, all of us ledheads are in the led grow lights section at icmag my name over there is medmaker420 go message me once you sign up and I will toss some threads for you to check out about diy panel builds

  15. Luv4Nugz on

    great looking plants. ive never used LEDs ive always used HIDs an HPS lights, i might have to get some LEDs now.

  16. Drom420 on

    I’m with ya bro,why pay someone else to do what you are perfectly capable of doing? Short reason at all!:)

  17. BuddyBurnOut0420 on

    ive always wanted to try to cross breed my two fav strains Blue OG x Chocolope Kush now that would be some tasty strain

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