California “Vegetable Police” raid popular Youtuber!


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California A popular channel for growing organic vegetables was quizzed his “selling vegetables” after coming up dry on an alleged claim of marijuana growing. Unbelieva…

5 comments on “California “Vegetable Police” raid popular Youtuber!

  1. TheTempacct on

    They’re quite serious with the food controls or their communist “new” world ODOR will fail as Lenin, Stalin, and Kissinger knew well!

    Who’d have thought someone could be arrested for feeding hungry people?

    At least now we know for whom those prisons wait!
    (Banker victims about whom the founding fathers.)

    I prefer the days when fascism and so-called “communism” or FAKE socialism stood opposed!
    (At least we THOUGHT they stood opposed; in reality they were one of the same! lol!)

  2. TheTempacct on

    Have you watched “Nobel Lie” on the START of the Masonic terror storm?
    What a name, eh?

    It’s now “noble” to MURDER children and lie about it!
    “Christian nation”? What a sick joke that is, eh?

    What amazed me most was the fact they were planning to blame Murrah on “Evil Muslims” and then switched to “patriots” as if a patriot would use THEIR murderous tactics!

    What would be the motive? Cui bono?
    (Hint: NOT “Patriots”, obviously!)

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