BP_Life Sentence For Growing Pot Is A… States’ Rights Issue?


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BP_Life Sentence For Growing Pot Is A... States' Rights Issue?“A Montana man could spend the rest of his life in prison if he is found guilty of growing marijuana plants. “According to an affidavit obtained by the Independent Record, the Missouri River…

50 comments on “BP_Life Sentence For Growing Pot Is A… States’ Rights Issue?

  1. Jimmy Greer on

    A 55k fine with a life sentence? Really? It’s gonna cost the state
    MUUUUUUUUUCH more than 55,000 to keep this 22 year old locked up for 40-50
    years. How retarded is this? Makes me think that for-profit jails are king
    in Montana.

  2. BattlefeildJunkie on

    Hmm be forced spend the rest of your life in prison because you’re growing
    plants. Now that sounds like cruel and unusual punishment.

  3. Kyle Morrissey on

    A comment on the comparative drug safety:
    It is not really that easy to compare drugs on safety. The danger of a
    substance is heavily dependent on the dosage, the concentration, the
    route/method of administration and the tolerance of the person taking it
    (feel free to add one if I missed something).

    A lot of times, people will compare one drug under a favorable set of
    conditions (i.e. experienced user taking a safe dosage as prescribed) to
    another drug under unfavorable conditions. This doesn’t even need to be on
    purpose. Some drugs require less in order to have their effect, so if you
    compare them to another drug that needs more, then the more potent one
    seems more dangerous. Some side effects have different thresholds. You
    could have a drug that almost always makes you sick but can never kill you,
    and another that rarely kills people and rarely makes them ill. Which is
    safer? You need to make some value judgments there.

    The real question is what level of danger warrants taking away people’s
    freedoms? Marijuana easily passes this test as it causes far more harm to
    keep it illegal than to legalize and regulate. The comparison with Adderall
    on the other hand is less useful/informative. 

  4. Tod fourtwentyone on

    Federal . anything over 100 plants .. Most growers wont do over 99 Plants
    do to this .. Dumb ass . 

  5. raidpirate15 on

    I knew someone who smoked weed and he dropped out of school and then broke
    into three people’s houses.
    People saying marijuana doesn’t change people don’t know what they’re
    talking about. 

  6. Richard Schrader on

    White House: Obama Still Opposed To Marijuana Legalization
    Hurry blame the states! Hurry blame the Tea Party! Hurry blame White
    people! Hurry, hide that democracy is a hoax – your replaced the Republic
    with an oligarchy and their BIG PHARMA can’t make money on legal pot so it
    stays illegal so police and prisons can make money on it…..


  7. relik0fages on

    It’s OK for the government to smuggle in cocaine. Yet when someone who has
    marijuana, it’s the end of the world. Fucked up pieces shit in the

  8. Kaptain Kek on

    TYT are idiots. Weed, cannabis, marijuana whatever you want to call it is a
    dangerous and deadly herb which can kill. It is a *DRUG*. DRUGS kill and
    have killed many people in the past. Its shameful how our youth is only
    interested in harming themselves. 

  9. Brandon Schleifer on

    We need a new word for people who are socially conservative and willing to
    spend a fortune to enforce their social conservatism. I mean, we have a
    word for that, but nobody takes you seriously if you call them a fascist. 

  10. dav3fk on

    The police, judges, and prosecutors in these cases need to be publicly
    shamed and called out.

    The laws can say any asinine thing you want – but if you enforce an
    abhorrent law, instead of using the discretion that you are employed
    specifically to use (or else, we WOULDN’T HAVE COURTS, we could just lock
    EVERYBODY up) – you’re not following some law where your hands are tied –
    you’re an abhorrent person.

    Let’s remember that following immoral laws, orders, precedents, etc, can
    get you HUNG at nuremberg. (Tired? Probably, but until we don’t have these
    problems, it’s not an argument that’s ready for retirement – we may not be
    talking about 6 million people – but we are talking about taking someone’s
    entire life, because of a plant – and many people)

    No ana, there SHOULD NOT be some sort of punishment, or consequence, what
    the fuck is wrong with you? There is NOTHING immoral or wrong about growing
    all the weed you have a mind to, law and morality are NOT the same thing.
    If this guy should have ANY punishment, ana should be in jail just as long,
    for her horrible fucking hypocrisy, taking adderal, against the law, and
    thinking this guy is doing something wrong.

  11. daddsim on

    Religion is a cancer upon our society that must be exterminated for the
    betterment of humanity.

  12. william nguyen on

    All this anti marijauna bs with the government is stemming from the feds
    ignorance of the economic benefits, and plus getting a life sentence!!!!!
    For growing a plant that’s proven to help people, not everybody tho, he
    shouldn’t be punished at all for growing a plant that doesn’t cause major
    life threatening like opium or meth or tobacco,etc, the only way this man
    is facing life sentence is if the sentencing was done by dumbasses 

  13. Shigdig on

    TYT: Against prohibition

    [citation] Unless its guns, prohibition will TOTALLY work on guns.

  14. itsthatsebguy93 on

    Why is Ana saying there should be some sort of punishment, when she agrees
    it is harmless?

  15. Rebuilt Gearbox on

    I’ve had my medical marijuana card in Montana for a few years. I know
    several ‘caregivers’ (legal suppliers) so I had no idea that they were
    still giving out punishments this stiff here. 

  16. Eric East on

    Montana has what, 1 million people for the entire state? You would think
    they would do anything they could to try to get people to move there.

  17. Darth Vader. on

    Weed is awful for you. Are you people stupid? Get that through your heads.
    Cigarettes are much healthier and less addictive. Marijuana causes HIV, it
    destroy souls, it causes hopeless and incurable insanity, cancer of the
    pancreas and liver, schizophrenia, debauchery, violence, suicide, and
    depression. These studies have just been concluded at the science lab at
    MIT. Tobacco is the safe alternative. Just say NO!

    I totally agree with countries like Turkey who jail people for life for pot
    possession. Pot is the most dangerous drug ever. It was created by Satan
    himself. It’s the devil’s drug, and it should be illegal forever.

  18. ski czar on

    People forget that in Montana, you can get a medical card just as easily as
    you can in California. I don’t think he should be prosecuted, but come
    on……. just get a medical card and they will leave you alone.

  19. TheGM86 on

    He knew the chance, he ran the gambit and he got caught. Is it silly to get
    locked away forever because of a stupid plant? yeah it is. But he put
    himself in that situation.

  20. James Smith on

    The arrest and the subsequent imprisonment are being done for the purposes
    of public safety.

  21. InstantFilmBooth on

    Hahaha stupid potheads, maybe you could just stop being so obsessed with
    weed and live your life? How about wait, take action, and find ways to
    legalize it on the national level

  22. Bruce Banner on

    If these states don’t want people growing pot then maybe that should
    provide the means for these people to move to a legal state. Instead of
    paying to keep them in jail $30,000+ per year they could easily solve the
    problem and send him out of state where it is legal. But conservative
    clowns feel the need to put guys like this in jail for several years at a
    cost of more than a million dollars and in thew end this guy is going to
    get out of jail and go back to growing his own pot.. Where is the lesson

  23. Phill McKraken on

    Lets see, over 100 plants? Yup, personal use………….. Lets legalize
    Meth and Cocaine and Prostitution as well. “Rolls Eyes”.

  24. vanteesomeone on

    Don’t throw other drugs under the bus. Every drug has some legitimate use,
    and that use should not be impeded by the fact that some people might enjoy
    the drug for the wrong reason. The Controlled Substances Act needs to be

  25. David Mauer on

    Your forgetting he becomes a skilled worker commodity in jail. That makes
    them money. Also, every aspect of his life and any future money he might
    have will become available to the powers that be, and control him.

  26. Idiodyssey87 on

    The possible sentence is ridiculous but why do these people insist on
    taking such risks?

  27. Stanwoody on

    Yeah, the law is absurd, who grows pot in a state with a life sentence.
    Eventually, it will be legal and this guy will get out under some sort of
    pardon if he doesn’t kill someone protecting himself in prison. 

  28. Lindsay Jacob's on

    I had a bad experience with weed, so for your own safety stay away from it,
    you say its not addictive??? sure……. 

  29. sk8er123123123123123 on

    Dosent that slave know that his masters told him to not grow that plant? do
    what you are told slave and you wont get in trouble.

  30. upgrader99 on

    178 plants… if each plant produces a lb, you do the math… this guy
    probably had ar-15s and 70″ tvs lining every wall that wasn’t used for

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