Blue Sensi Star Medicinal Grow

Bubblelicious and Northern Lights Autoflower Grow
August 21, 2014
LST & HST Training; Cannabis Patient’s Outdoor Patio Grow
August 21, 2014

Blue Sensi Star Medicinal GrowI couldn’t help myself. After taking my garden down I just had to grow at least one. she was 196 days old before I put her into flower. Not bad for being the first time I have ever growing…

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  1. Charles Smith says:

    In the video I said I added 2 inches of dirt to her. When she hit flower
    (first sign) I added more of my composted soil (1nch layer). On the 19th of
    August I added one more 1 inch layer. I got 100% natural, no chemicals are
    used at all. This is why I use the adding soil method. Naturally add more
    nutrients to the plant.