Blackdog LED Platinum XL-U Grow – GSC & PCK – Transplant

LIVE! from my parents home in ORLANDO!!
February 13, 2015
TBO: Official “Power Kush” Concentrate Review
February 13, 2015

is the pot stand-offs.


  1. b2k dank says:

    From what I seen now in led grows it pushes plants a little different than
    hid lights and they burn thru calmag a lot faster and how high is is ur
    humidity I read that low humidity in veg cause mag issues too 

  2. oneshotgrow says:
  3. north seven o five says:

    in my experience the LED’s tend to bleach the stalks this color, i have had
    the exact same clones vegged the same size under a 1k hortilux bulb and
    under an LED unit in a different tent, they all got fed the exact same and
    the LED plants showed purpling in the stems and the hps plants didn’t. just
    something I thought id pass on to you

  4. rghands711 says:

    When a cannabis plant or seedling has a purple stem without any other signs
    of problems, it is often the result of genetics. Some cannabis strains just
    naturally tend to grow with purple stems, especially when seedlings are
    young, or when the plants get cooler temperatures at night. Wait a week or
    two before making any alterations if your plant otherwise appears healthy.
    The stems should turn green soon in most cases. As long as your leaves are
    healthy and you have no other symptoms, you usually don’t need to worry
    about purple stems. How’s the old saying, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it?
    Either way I like the way you low train your ladies. Take a dozen of those
    and grow till June 1st indoor and throw them 6 footers outside for the
    season. Guarantee you at least 8lbs each as long as you give them good size
    pots/beds to root proper. Grower’s respect bro. 

  5. Old Fart Grows says:

    I’m a stone cold newb but I vegged under LED for 8 months and had purple
    stems. Went after the mag like a horny blind man lost in a fish market.
    Ended up causing problems for the plants with too much mag. I just wanted
    to echo North Seven o Five. Garden looks groovy. Thanks for posting Brah

  6. Jhon John says:

    is it a thing now for growers to point at single things with two thingers,
    or they just think they are more interesting if they throw the horns like
    all the gay actors that do it for actual fame and money ? really curious
    why and how can you point at 1 pot with 2 fingers….wierd !
    Nice plants as always…happy growin ! Dont pick ur nastrol with 2 fingers
    at the same time, that wont work ;)

  7. b2k dank says:

    And sweet raw is no more than Epsom salt in water look at back it contains
    only magnesium sulfate aka Epsom salt

  8. b2k dank says:

    Save money use raw salt mix ur own cause sweet ain’t cheap

  9. medgrower1 says:

    Garden looks great as always, mag prob no worries you will fix it still in
    veg plenty of time. you could try 1/8 teaspoon per gallon works great for
    me and fast