Balls… 10/29/13


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Balls... 10/29/1318+ As Always… Well, the Super Cheese Express x Hash Plant hermied on me. Must be unstable genetics. I’d appreciate it if the testers would continue growin…

6 comments on “Balls… 10/29/13

  1. tonnchai on

    My OG is stable but will herme when I flower to soon after topping or lollipop in the first week of flower. Could be your problem… Hopefully.

  2. BudsonBuds on

    That’s a good thought. I have been trimming off lower buds (same with other plants in flower) But I’m still assuming poor genetics, The SCE was a Fem seed, so It might be a result from that?

  3. BudsonBuds on

    last 5 sec of every vid has a chart with all the info. but it was in a Coco Hempy bucket ( coco body, perlite base w/ 1 gal res)

  4. BudsonBuds on

    Basically my thoughts, she/he was looking so promising… But that’ s how it goes, learned to be more selective, tho this was just my first breeding experiment. Thanks for watching

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