At what point does growing Marijuana become illegal?

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September 12, 2010
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September 13, 2010
Marijuana Growing
hewray asked:

Buying the seeds? planting? the plant reaching a certain stage? smoking the buds? selling them?

I’d quite like to grow some for the sake of the experiment (it’s an awesome, rare plant, which has to be grown “hydro”) but i’m not quite intruiged enough to get fined over it

So uh, can I grow it without breaking laws?

And I know someone who will sell me a seed lol


  1. Wide Awake says:

    You have got to be kidding me, of course its illegal in the United States. Its probably a felony so I wouldn’t advise it.

  2. kerfitz says:

    Possession of the seeds is the same as possession of the weed. Sorry the “rare” plant isn’t that rare and there are better specimens to grow “hydro”

  3. wizjp says:

    Of course not. Posession of the seeds is a crime in most places. It’s all downhill from there

  4. xxx000au says:

    You need to ask you local law enforcement as this is very much a local issue. Some places it OK while others it not good at all.
    In a few places it could see you hung.

  5. ablex says:

    Depends on the state. There are differing penalties according to state and according to quantity. One or two plants are considered personal use, while twenty plants would be considered manufacturing for sale.

    And while I agree that it’s “awesome”, it’s hardly rare and doesn’t need to be grown hydro. Just ask anyone who has scattered a handful of seeds in a vacant lot or state forest and reaped the benefits.

  6. edwrd5555 says:

    It would begin the second you have the seeds. It is assumed that if you have the seeds you have 100% intention to grow them and then either use it yourself or sell it, both of which are illegal.

  7. Sherilynne B says:

    The federal law is rarely enforced. Virtually all pot busts are local using state laws and each state is different. Check with your lawyer to see what your laws are and how they are being enforced before growing.

  8. Emma G says:

    Amsterdam – Yes
    UK – You can have as many seeds in your possession as you wish but you cannot grow them, plant them etc…….stupid law but there you go.

  9. Dan H says:

    Possession of the seeds.