All-New Series “American Weed” Premieres Feb 22/2012

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February 7, 2012
Willie Nelson talks about legalizing medicinal marijuana
February 8, 2012

All-New Series From National Geographic Channel: Premieres: Wed, Feb 22nd, 2012 – 10pm ET/PT All-new series “American Weed” finds Colorado medical marijuana businesses under scrutiny and facing mounting pressures from local residents. Medical cannabis entrepreneur and Fort Collins dispensary owner Josh Stanley works aggressively to counter such pressure with radio ads and fundraisers. As the oldest of 11 kids, Josh relies heavily on several of his brothers to work at the grove and keep his business supplied in


  1. jaylang11 says:

    well i just found out that i might have cancer last week so the people that are going to tell me that i shouldnt feel better by smoking a plant can go to hell.

  2. ICLICKTV says:

    We put this on

  3. deanofrob says:

    keep pressing 6 to see and hear a sad and pathetic worm of a man.

  4. a4nak8r says:

    So many ignorant people opposed to cannabis. Sad! If they only knew of the many many many benefits that the cannabis plant provides they would not be so quick to condemn the “tree of life”.