Alabama GOP Busted For Growing Pot


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Alabama GOP Busted For Growing Pot“The chairman of the Alabama’s Cherokee County Republican Party resigned this week in the wake of his arrest last Friday for growing multiple marijuana plants on his property. The Gadsden…

49 comments on “Alabama GOP Busted For Growing Pot

  1. abeladrian22 on

    Darth vader ur a dumb fukk for even mentioning that marijuana is dangerous
    than alcohol and that it causes “HIV” u must be the most idiotic person
    next to these other fucking people that are miss guided about the effects
    of marijuana, cigarettes are worse than marijuana causes lung cancer and
    even DEATH so shut ur fucken un educated ass up okay do america a favor and
    go drop in a ditch

  2. SciGuy on

    I still find it hilarious that our government made a plant illegal.
    Seriously it can pretty much grow anywhere, yet we spend billions of dollar
    to eradicate it’s existence and use.
    It’s a guaranteed losing battle 

  3. GameOverlode on

    Of course he won’t get a harsh sentence. No one cares about marijuana laws
    here, even the cops.

  4. Dress Mann on

    Funny. I misread the title. I thought it said “Obama busted for growing pot”
    Surprisingly, I wasn’t really shocked.

  5. Nashataku on

    …Its always easier to destroy the “little guy’s weed” before you legalize
    it. Its “weeds” out the competition with the corporation. Seriously…
    almost every state that has legalized it has done it before legalization…
    Not saying this is the case… but something to think about…

  6. catbatbomb on

    Send him to jail, for 5-20 years, just like they’d do with any black man
    for a first time possession. Let’s see what kind of sentence they get…

  7. Persuasive Barrier on

    The thing about the GOP is.. they’re only against things as long as its
    popular to do so. Nixon and Reagan brought us these mandatory drug
    sentencing laws for things like pot.

  8. Fragacide on

    This is sad. Instead of stepping down, he should have stepped up and owned
    it. He should have helped spread the truth instead of allowing his party to
    continue spreading lies. Now, he’s just a scared dog backing himself into a
    corner when he could have actually had the support of several thousands of
    people from both parties.

  9. Robert Moore on

    I’m pro-weed but I’m just saying he should get 130 years 10 years per plant
    that is the law fucking bullshit that’s what stop me from growing my shit
    make it fair or end this bullshit war on drugs it has failed

  10. Adam on

    Weed is the devil’s tool and is a gateway drug that leads to other drugs
    like heroine that kills a lot if people. 

  11. Ciro Underlyon on

    The plant is called CANNABIS. Some people call the finished dry flowers
    marijuana. Elite Connoisseurs just call them flowers. There are too many
    “street” names to list i.e. weed,ganja etc. , but the PLANT is called
    CANNABIS . Thank you

  12. Tommy Cahill on

    Tyt seems to forget okay ur growing weed in ur garden much like the people
    that brewed their own alcohol in prohibition – like those people do u not
    thing that some growers may be related to violent organised crime much like
    the gangster of the 20’s/30’s

  13. atrixhd4ss on

    I agree with Darth Vader! Marijuana is the most dangerous drug. If you
    smoke weed you will want to do hard drugs! That’s why it is called the
    gateway drug. Hello people. Marijuana is Satan. Read the bible

  14. mannyandmil on

    It’s called hypocritical. The GOP is totally hypocritical in response to
    THC. Another reason why the right wing will continue to lose at the polls.

  15. Travis Ruiz on

    and if they look even further into…. I wouldn’t be surprise other GOP
    people were connected to this.

  16. Zed Flanders on

    Growing that bammer in bama. He will get off with probation . And this is
    just evidence that EREBODY loves maryjane.

  17. Dale Modisette on

    *Alabama GOP county chairman resigns after being arrested for growing
    *By David Ferguson | Wednesday, July 16, 2014*

    The chairman of the Alabama’s Cherokee County Republican Party resigned
    this week in the wake of his arrest last Friday for growing multiple
    marijuana plants on his property.

    The Gadsden Times reported that 52-year-old John Loyd Ellis was arrested
    after a routine marijuana eradication operation spotted the plants from the

    State party chairman Bill Armistead said that the Alabama GOP has no
    comment about the arrest except to say, “We will allow legal and judicial
    system to follow its course.”

    Ellis has been charged with first-degree unlawful possession of marijuana
    and unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia.

    Sheriff Joe Shaver told the Times that Cherokee County routinely conducts
    marijuana eradication efforts in conjunction with the Alabama Bureau of

    “We’ve always participated, as long as I can remember,” said Shaver, adding
    that county officials found and destroyed some 600 plants in recent weeks,
    although only one person aside from Ellis has been arrested.

    More arrests, he said, will likely follow.

  18. Matt Evel on

    It’s ridiculous, legalize the shit! I live in Kansas which has some of the
    harshest laws in the country when it comes to marijuana. Here in Kansas the
    National Guard has a program that’s not really known about that much, nor
    that the media reports on here at all, that has a drug czar and a drug unit
    that flys 2-3 blackhawk helicopters over farmland during the summer looking
    for marijuana and when they find some they document it and burn it and work
    with the highway patrol so they can handle any arrests and prosecution (I
    know this because I’ve witnessed it and my dad was a career officer in the
    Kansas Army National Guard and he knew the guy in charge of it). I have
    multiple sclerosis and it’s proven that it massively helps with a lot of
    the symptoms and is one of the few diseases that all states that have
    medical marijuana laws allow for its use in treatment of the disease
    because it’s extremely beneficial for people with this disease. So, since
    it’s illegal here and I don’t want to be arrested and take the chance of
    getting up to 5 years for a simple minor possession charge, my only option
    then is a $60,000 a year medication and then pain & muscle relaxer meds
    that my doctor prescribes me that are way more dangerous and addicting than
    marijuana. I find myself suffering through pain most of the time so I don’t
    get addicted to pain meds when there’s a completely safe drug that can’t
    kill you and destroy your kidneys and liver out there but I can’t use it
    because it’s illegal here. End the madness and legalize it!!!!

  19. EndlessVacuum on

    Why would they burn it in the open air like that? Shouldn’t they use some
    kind of well-contained furnace with a filtration system?

    I mean, disregarding the risk of brushfire, wouldn’t they want to keep such
    an illicit substance as marijuana out of the environment? Oooh, it might
    poison the local wildlife and make them slightly hungrier than usual!

    Just fucking legalise it already.

  20. Darth Vader. on

    10 years is too light of a sentence for marijuana possession. In Turkey,
    people who are caught with pot are imprisoned for life! That’s how it
    should be. Pot is the most dangerous drug ever. It causes lung cancer, HIV,
    debauchery, hopeless insanity, schizophrenia, and Bob Marley died of an
    overdose off of it. Don’t smoke. If you do have an urge to smoke something,
    then just stick with cigarettes since they’re nowhere near as harmful as
    this evil devil drug. Even alcohol is less dangerous than marijuana.

  21. Guardian978 on

    I point the middle finger at the DEA assholes every time they do a flyover
    to try and find pot plants. Fucking assholes wasting taxpayer money.

  22. DaCamponTwee on

    Fuk that thars devil leddus. Just last munth my wife was raped by one of
    dem thar plants! Burn um all, burn um all two hell! Two all you dum
    mutherfukers whos think marijuna is gud are branwashed dip shits. All you
    need in ure life is some gud all budwiser, and jack daniels, but only jack
    on special ocasions cuz we out here in ALABAMA! WOOOO! don’t need kno

  23. ghostoferkrussell on

    At least he wasn’t caught drinking a Big Gulp Soda in NYC. Yes Ana, “Fight
    REAL crime” like sugary soft drinks.

  24. MLGTroy1 on

    so they “destroy” the “drug” by doing the same thing the “criminals” would
    do? it amazes me that the cops dont know if u want to really destroy THC
    (the active element in pot) u soak it in water

  25. Rand Huso on

    Cost of helicopter surveillance is US$750/hour + 2*pilot salary at about
    US$250/hour (US$750,000,000 per year for 8 hour days 5 days per week and 50
    weeks per year), cost of incarceration is $28,893.40 per year. Do the
    people of Alabama really want those costs?

  26. John Scott on

    People who say weed is bad for you are nuts. No worse than smoking, and far
    less damaging than alcohol. If you support the prohibition of marijuana,
    surely you should support the prohibition of tobacco and certainly

  27. Stikibits on

    Just another example of the USA’s anti-drug religion being forced on, and
    doing harm, to free people.

  28. MlautheFilthy on

    “We will allow legal and judicial system to follow its course.”


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