A Fine Harvest; Minus the Seeds….

Bud Porn – Empire Kush
February 28, 2015
Ocean Grown Genetics – Alien Abduction Cannabis Grow – Update 3 – Presented by TheSocialGrow.com
February 28, 2015

Yeah, hermaphrodites are a bitch, literally. Sometimes they pop up for no apparent reason, as in this case. The plants were not stressed as far as I could tell, or at least not as much as past…


  1. TooDabbed says:

    freakin niceee man! grats on the harvest! no worries on the seeds, shit
    happens sometimes, I found a couple of male flowers on my blue dream at the
    start of flower plucked them before the fully formed, no more male flowers,
    and the blue dream looks nothing but fire

  2. Angie LupusLife says:

    thumbs up 

  3. Plant DeGarden says: