7:10 and 4:20 are AWESOME!

Future Medical Marijuana Grow Tent – 400 Watts High Pressure Sodium Light
May 14, 2014
8 Million Views, 20K Subscribers – THANK YOU
May 15, 2014

7:10 and 4:20 are AWESOME!all viewers must 18 and up for this video. adult setting, language and activities. Live BF4 with Nay on Cam!


  1. ey yo Stukes says:


  2. socalhippie hashman says:

    that’s what i love about the closed loop system

  3. ziggieization says:


  4. bababludrawz says:


  5. Dedo Dark says:

    old ass pedo

  6. Buffalo Burg says:

    dizzy dabs

  7. Connar macDonald says:

    whackoffasaur is me

  8. Connar macDonald says:

    i love the taste of purple buds

  9. ey yo Stukes says:

    starting watching this broadcast from the beginning after Nay signed out..
    really enjoying the first hundred minutes of this broadcast!!! as always
    youre vids rock!! Most importantly u rock Bro!!

  10. Connar macDonald says:

    did anyone see that video of the russian guy dodging bullets

  11. Domeless Tefty says:

    Good smokin’ Nay

  12. socalhippie hashman says:


  13. Dakind brew says:

    next lev

  14. budwizeherb says:

    Sub me……plz

  15. Beau Banner says:

    Never forget how Medicated you were in that dabbin’ a gram with Nay vid

  16. ey yo Stukes says:

    Nay whats up for youre evening.. what u doin tonite?

  17. ey yo Stukes says:

    COOL nAY

  18. Beau Banner says:

    fucking blocked from chat forever

  19. Shayna Lynn says:


  20. trendyasdabbers says:

    w w w TrendyDabbersChat c o m

  21. ey yo Stukes says:

    that beard is not old

  22. Domeless Tefty says:

    Cheers everyone

  23. Classic Adventure Movies. says:

    this is a nice biscuit party

  24. Buffalo Burg says:

    HAS to be gone zero? lol

  25. ey yo Stukes says:

    flower and dabs togrther match made in heaven

  26. budwizeherb says:

    Rub goose fat on your elbow.

  27. medi CalGrower says:


  28. Dedo Dark says:

    stop eating

  29. Dakind brew says:


  30. ziggieization says:

    Nay hope you feel better bro

  31. Connar macDonald says:

    blast offff

  32. socalhippie hashman says:

    got to get me one man:)

  33. ey yo Stukes says:

    fucking crazy

  34. Dedo Dark says:

    high as fuck

  35. socalhippie hashman says:


  36. Dakind brew says:


  37. K2GlassART says:

    peace man!

  38. socalhippie hashman says:

    got to get me one

  39. ey yo Stukes says:

    back at u cheers!

  40. Dedo Dark says:

    im here

  41. Dakind brew says:

    copy dat

  42. ey yo Stukes says:


  43. Beau Banner says:


  44. socalhippie hashman says:

    happy 710 everyone!!!

  45. Beau Banner says:

    No matter what I do

  46. Dedo Dark says:


  47. Dedo Dark says:

    no no

  48. ziggieization says:

    @socalhippie that would be a good investment bro

  49. ey yo Stukes says:

    iron man cheers!

  50. Dedo Dark says: