4th GIVEAWAY Jipse Glass

My Story: Part 2 of 2
December 20, 2014
1000w Gavita grow update: Veg with trellis
December 20, 2014

GOOD LUCK OGs! Get ready to Enter and win one of a kind Jipse Glass! You will need instagram for this! (RULES BELOW) Thanks for watching! If you enjoyed this video at anytime please LIKE, …


  1. Grow Colorado says:

    how am i supposed to share a picture of those pipes? i cant find a savable
    pic to share

  2. tv76g says:


  3. Justin Brookes says:

    I think I did that right idk lol

  4. Jovon Williams says:

    Nice I love you you do for the OGs lots of help

  5. The420Money says:

    Please bro don’t make the last giveaway Instagram I don’t have nor want an
    account I barely have Facebook you could do like the g420g bong giveaway
    and have people make a video submission of some kind or the old fashioned
    pick a number and have like jipse txt u a number he’s thinking of once u
    have all the submissions anyway congrats to the winners thus far and man I
    hope I can catch that g8 240 peace bromosexual

  6. Grow420Guide says:

    #JipseGlass #Grow420Giveaway #Grow420Guide #G420G #OverGrowSociety
    #artyoucansmoke #5DaysOfGiveaways 

  7. Shealyn Nastally says:

    Excited for this giveaway! Glad to see more submissions than last time,
    hoping for 150+ this go around! I loved the end of the video with your
    bloopers and whatnot, those are truly the gems that let your personality
    shine through and lets the OG’s get to know you better and laugh with you.
    I liked the comment for the epic lights montage, omg PLEASE make it even
    if the comment doesn’t reach epic likes because your montages are
    spectacular. Each time you do one it seems more well done than the one
    before. I’m thinking of the fall nature one (omg I am still on love with
    that one)

  8. ily T says:

    The hatchet is rad!

  9. Jipsē Glass says:

    Fuck yes brudda ! Can’t wait to hook a lucky OG up !!!

  10. Leonard Gomez says:

    Done I thing would like very munch. Thank you for the give away. Great

  11. Sir Dabington says:

    Check out my awesome pic @d33dos on instagram #Hatchet

  12. turtle4614 says:

    Good luck to all you og’s. Brother keep making the positive videos and we
    will keep watching. I featured my sleek mini bubbler on Instagram for the

  13. TheSkilledKids says:

    To enter G8 i suggest to send you pictures (somehow) of their own grows

  14. Flower Wild says:

    My suggestion is: It’s a light giveaway, the holidays are near (and here
    for some Happy Chanukah to my fellow Jews), do something with holiday
    lights. Post a picture of your favorite holiday light display? Idk.

  15. Eric Doolin says:

    Pick me

  16. ReefingWithReefers says:

    I like the Christmas lights idea.

  17. tv76g says:

    I’m love’n the giveaways bro!! Great items!

  18. Chad Malec says:

    Idk how to do a video response but I just uploaded a video to my channel.
    I’m a first time grower and was wondering if you could comment any tips or
    advice and what you think on my video. Would be greatly appreciated! Thanks