400 watt metal halide grow

My First Grow. 5 Weeks into budding update
July 21, 2011
REAL TIME FREDS CANNABIS PLANTS: Outdoor/Greenhouse AutoFlower Grow
July 22, 2011

400 watt metal halide growFirst grow! LA Confidential w/ Cheese 400 watt Metal Halide light with 4 75 watt CFLs for the middle of the plant that is being shaded by the top leaves. 2 weeks into veg right now. 1 6″ Cool Tube reflector with a 250 CFM duct fan venting hot air to attic. 4″ fan on intake to blow circulated air on to bulb and cool it. Also installed home made AC over fan. Copper tubing coiled around the fan with a 5 gallon bucket and 170 GPH pump for ice water to cool the system. Room temp is staying between 72

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    Need cheap generic LEVITRA?…