400 watt Grow Room pt. 3

Setting each other on fire
May 25, 2011
High Times – Ready – Set – Grow Part 2 3/9
May 25, 2011

400 watt Grow Room pt. 3Happy 420


  1. m30lynet says:

    Love ur vids and stuff like that:) ur hilarius,mean it all in a good way,like ur personality. grow on dude

  2. The340MAN says:

    for the clone I have learned that you should feed the clone by bottom feeding it so the misting on the leaves is fine but u should try to feed the clone from the bottom so that the roots will be searching for water n will find there way to the water which is what you want bro any ?’s on anything ill help u out on just message me or w.e. ok bro keep up the good work o idk why u have those spots on ur leaves for but I would guess its the ph of the water or something but thats my guess ok man peace

  3. bobmob20 says:

    the arajen haze #1 gets big as hell i recomend getting a scrog or tamato cage