4-8-11 Mother Keeper Discussion

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May 20, 2011
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May 20, 2011

4-8-11 Mother Keeper DiscussionSo I decided that the room the girls are in now will be the flowering room, that mean I need to create a separate veg room. I’m thinking about a tent vs closet grow, and t5 lighting vs cfl lighting which is cheaper and will cover more area will efficient lighting. If you have any suggestion i’m willing to listen! Thanks and agian one love!


  1. alotaball says:

    Man glad u said what u were playing .. the music in the background was soo damn familiar and it was killing me trying to remember where it was from lol. U play on xbox or ps3

  2. iSmellDank1 says:

    @ftpb1 I need a seperate closet to keep 1 mother of each strain then use the 600w hps to flower

  3. ftpb1 says:

    dont know much about about T5 n cfl, just always been MH n then HPS.