#36 Dude Grows Show Growing Marijuana (made with Spreaker)


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#36 Dude Grows Show Growing Marijuana (made with Spreaker)Lets grow some weed! Today on Dude Grows Show we talk bloom boosters vs bloom enhancers, chilling out volcano bags in the fridge, growing in cabinets and small spaces, and a ton more grow your…

6 comments on “#36 Dude Grows Show Growing Marijuana (made with Spreaker)

  1. dyl weed on

    i have been adding 5 mils a gallon of HPK and 5 mils of the snowstorm ultra
    after stretch,

  2. dyl weed on

    the brothers and mobsters from chicago will try to roll that facilty, they
    roll caregivers in MI all the time. you got to keep shit so low key!!!!
    IT”S A PLANT, easy babylon……

  3. Don Pattenaude on

    Good show fellas. I would like to say that my grow is already into flower.
    I have grown this strain out a few times now and I have never seen anything
    like it (the new sites filling in the stems). I honestly have to say that I
    attribute this crazy growth to the use of recharge and bio cozyme. These
    are the only products that have changed in my plants diet. I’m using Cali
    Skunk fem. seeds my brother in MI produced. I am thinking starting my
    flower menu with the addition of Mendicino Avalanche. You were talking last
    week about breaking stems while super cropping, I had a tomatoe plant in a
    cage fall from an upper terrace and came down dead center of a super lemon
    haze and split it wide open completely down the stem in 3 parts and it is
    thriving. I’ll see if I can get a picture of it tomorrow to show you. It’s
    nuts, it should be dead. Thanks again guys. Keep up the good stuff.

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