3 Strain Medical Grow – Week 7

3 Strain Medical Grow – Week 8
May 31, 2012
3 Strain Medical Grow – Week 3
May 31, 2012

3 Strain Medical Grow - Week 7Week 7 of flowering – Afghan #1, Aurora Borealis, White Widow – Medical Marijuana


  1. FubarsFantasy says:

    thanks! I am running 4, 1000w lumatek HPS in that room. I have 2, 600w MH’s i veg under in another room to keep a constant garden in flowering at all times.

  2. bozeangelos says:

    only 4k i thought you had more than that from the size of those buds damn son i wish i had that kind of space i run 2k in my flower room during the winter and 1k in summer and my veg goes from a t5 to a thousend watter its a 3 tent setup check it out sumtime if you like

  3. bozeangelos says:

    then again it is week 7 lol i shoulda thought about that they are just starting to pack on weight and density

  4. bozeangelos says:

    Oooooo very nice bro looking good that’s my favorite stage of growth

  5. socalhippie420 says:

    sick garden man!i give you mad props!

  6. bozeangelos says:

    nice setup looks like it costs an arm and a leg to run i bet powers a bitch how much wattage you got in there? i cant wait to get to week 7 im only at week 4