2nd update Start veg period critical kush #2 – Delvite 2013


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2nd update Start veg period critical kush #2 - Delvite 2013Barneys Farm Critical Kush – a quick look round the garden 6 days after the re-potting session. now its time to start feed on 1/2 strength, 300ml per plant e…

17 comments on “2nd update Start veg period critical kush #2 – Delvite 2013

  1. delvite420 on

    thanks mate, not topped yet im gonna wait till third week to top and maybe crop, topping time depends on the plant/strain m8 😉

  2. inked420js on

    Just got my Barneys critical kush. Anything knowledge of this strain would be greatly appreciated. Keep growin.

  3. MrPlanethugger on

    looking really nice mate. Have you topped them yes? how many nodes do you aim for before you top em. cheers pal

  4. apsert on

    Delvite, Same strain in DWCR and its exciting. Im used to DWC but my newer approach is promising. “8” 200mm tubes “5” net pot. They love it and recovery is 1 day appose to 2-3 days. Air stoned all the way through. Dutch pro at mo, I will be using Advance N next time with their PH perfect, Reason being my EC’s never budge! 4 days sp far and no movement.

    Hopefully this means it can be left on (tank) drip feed so i will never have to do anything other than fresh nut change once a wk. K.U.POSTED

  5. inked420js on

    How long you veg yours before flower? I just got my critical kush is why I ask. Keep growin bro looks good.

  6. delvite420 on

    my clones are mature from one week due to my storage methods so i go by desirable height 😉 keep it green

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