28 Strains in a Day

Missouri Takes Top in Meth Busts
March 23, 2013
Reganite71 Inspired me to make Cheap Grow box
March 23, 2013

28 Strains in a DayIn this EPIC episode, Theweedguy is puffing down the entire menu at iMedikate Go to iMedikate.ca 28 Awesome Strains: Mike’s Purple Bubba ShishkaBERRY Vanilla…



    How much 4 all that

  2. ezetreezy says:

    in comes the king at 27:43 xD

  3. SubExtremeSub says:

    All those doobies look disgusting …
    Can’t compare to a good danish hash joint.

  4. 89ray89 says:

    After like 5 of those fat ass doobies i wouldve been sooo baked haha

  5. gnaws11 says:

    growing up in west van did a lot of spoken right there love it carry on

  6. kayanesta says:

    That was epic

  7. baretings1 says:

    I love weed, but whats the point in this. after 1 joint you dont need anymore

  8. Jay S says:

    Mark and remo the new cheech and chong!!!

  9. Muma Eric says:

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  10. Dylan Reidel says:

    Just wanted to say I watched your birthday video and have been watching all your videos, people have presidents or peace leaders as their role model. Mine is The Weed Guy from Vancouver.

  11. LotionUpMyTots says:

    Omg those little extract bottle are cute

  12. rockonanish says:

    after watching this video with my frens……….m a do this soon aswell looooool

  13. Introvertedd Lifestylee says:

    ski patrol ended up being “weed patrol”

    thats my cheesy dad joke for the day 🙂

  14. 420DROOPS21 says:


  15. fferrandini says:

    k’mon mark.. you could label them and put a nice music… lol… just kidding man…

  16. Tyler LaTulipe says:

    Are they medicated yet?

  17. SnirffSnirff87 says:

    that girl at the museum was all twitchy

  18. Pierre Robert says:

    greenthumb for your cap♥

  19. Anita lotsaweed says:

    Man this was great, thanks for this. This where im aiming tomorrow 😀

  20. wezkhalifaa says:

    20:44 he blow an O without your mouth

  21. Lennox Moore says:

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  22. kagumdeu says:

    holly shit the house is burning!!! fuck!! xDDD

  23. Ashpro79 says:

    Love the haze in the room!!!

  24. shaylab says:

    What a beautiful area you guys live in.

  25. LakeHavasuCannabis says:

    Challenge accepted

    Also you are one lucky motherfuckin stoner!

  26. curtis shattuck says:

    Your announcer shot is annoying

  27. tyreksimms80 says:

    His face was smacked at the end lol love this video

  28. chris50630 says:

    Holy shit thats the most baked I’ve ever seen you mark haha, not bad day for you im guessing.

  29. Keanu Battrick says:

    Baby lung’s on the ski patrol

  30. jmcgeezy86 says:

    damn, I didn’t know edward scissorhands was a stoner!

  31. Guilherme Luiz says:


  32. shaylab says:

    Probably my fav. video you have done.

  33. dyingangelo says:

    shes scary lol

  34. bcbudsmoking says:

    yo im from van too! what is the adress of the bong shop at 17:20

  35. bensabb says:

    34:00 Olympic marathon dope smoking haa Remo is sum legend great vid

  36. Introvertedd Lifestylee says:

    as a toronto boy, i love going up cypress, and sitting on those exact benches and smoking as many bowls as i can lollll. got to love bc.

  37. NicDnv says:

    Lmao Mark!!! ahaha at when ur telling the names

  38. h3kticmojo says:

    There was a shit ton of smoke in that last part holy shit lol

  39. XxPurpleXHazeX says:

    christ its fuckin smoky in there

  40. LotionUpMyTots says:

    Bubba kush crosses are always stupid dank

  41. Marcelo Silva says:

    Mark, u r my hero mate! Greetings from Brazil!

  42. Ashpro79 says:

    That Oil hit the spot. lmao

  43. Gabriel Mora says:

    Mark, I know you were trying to be funny at the beginning of the video, but you are much funnier in your videos where you were talking to law enforcement, there was one video where you screaming at a cop from your balcony, “leave the kid alone”…that was funny, try doing some more of that

  44. Jon Carver says:

    HAHA i love the pep talk,….And got to have a filter lol

  45. BAMBONE SKI says:

    mark you are my hero

  46. mmahomie says:

    Holy hotbox

  47. Christina Muller says:

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  48. PeopleEqualShlt says:

    Hmmm Wierd looking sweet tooth vs the phenos i got

  49. DamagerguiPod says:

    aren’t you tired after 28 motherfucking joints? holy crap