1st update Re-potting Clones Critical Kush #2 – Delvite 2013

Just got done in the Grow!
April 3, 2013
I love smoking
April 3, 2013

1st update Re-potting Clones Critical Kush #2  - Delvite 2013Come with me as i pick the best out the bunch for round 2 and make them comfy in their new homes. these clones are left to settle for 6 days under 250w to re…


  1. delvite420 says:

    shared knowledge bro its the way forward, at this point i gave them 500ml water in the bottom of each tray just to moisten the medium and make the roots search down. il spray the tops for a couple of days and estimate what they need for when i bump up the light and go to veg. i try not to have run off 😉 a little rambley but hope this answered lol peace bro

  2. ukhomegrown kush says:

    Looking good bud

  3. delvite420 says:

    here we go again lol im gunna push them as far as i can this time bro full term 😉

  4. delvite420 says:

    yo bro alls green ;)

  5. delvite420 says:

    thanks fr stoppin by bro, i just put the breeders write up in. what did you think of the root mass at 5.09 😉 keep it grren

  6. delvite420 says:

    i new they were packed in but they shocked me lol

  7. CptHwdy2013 says:

    oh no not again! Here we go lol
    now i’ve got to run some critical kush 😛

  8. MrPlanethugger says:

    mate thanks for the link you sent great tips. when you water do you leave the pot sitting in the silver tray with the runoff?

  9. Toketone33 says:

    Is that strain from Barney’s farm…. an how’s the smoke

  10. Mancgrower says:

    excellant vid bro, gonna be good watching these grow…peace..

  11. TeHasH Ce says:

    best rooting is 80%mh and 20% hps or just MH ! cfl the last

  12. delvite420 says:

    thanks man it will only get better 😉

  13. CustomGrow420 says:

    Damn that was a description if I ever read one! Good Growing!

  14. delvite420 says:

    thanks mate you know the motto, take care of them and they will take care of you 😉

  15. delvite420 says:

    thanks for the info bro 😉 peace

  16. delvite420 says:

    yes its the barneys farm, smoke is lovely its really earthy n kushy 😉 tgc

  17. delvite420 says:

    thanks bro 😉

  18. danny211204 says:

    lookin fine as usual m8. 🙂

  19. CustomGrow420 says:

    Yeah that little baby way ready!. Perfect fat roots but not rootbound