1800watt autoflower grow update #9 1of2


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1800watt autoflower grow update #9 1of2Day 50. New 240v light controller. Room now measures 5×12. Tomorrow will be 2400watts! Russian Rocket Fuel and IL Diavlo are being flushed. Will post part 2 of this video when i get my order installed tomorrow.

12 comments on “1800watt autoflower grow update #9 1of2

  1. Smokin420Chef on

    those RRF are ridiculous! Your setup keeps getting more amazing. Thanks for the vid’s, great inspiration.

  2. 215medicineman on

    yes that is IL Diavlo from Delicious seeds. I didnt top it or do anything to it, i put it in the 5gal bucket and she took off all on her own. amazing plant. will be growing more of these in the future

  3. 215medicineman on

    correction… thoes other 2 that are out of the room are Deimos! Bong rips for breakfast…….

  4. JAYDIES on

    WOW big Auto! yo is that the el diavolo from delicious seed and did it just grow like that or did you top/super crop? thanks

  5. 420OGQUEEN on

    Looking beautiful man, you will have sweet harvest. Rooms looking good keep the upgrades up! Room getting nice!

  6. 215medicineman on

    yeah the pics are much nicer with white light. the HPS is so yellow it doesnt really allow them to show off. i’ll make a slide show of them them when i harvest

  7. Dimicatio1 on

    hey man id just like to know what type of nutes u use from start to finish. i have a red and a white dwarf plant also a syrup and a deimos.

  8. 215medicineman on

    check out my channel, one of my videos has me talkin about nutes and everything else im doing in some detail. The one video screen shot is with all my nutes in it. but i use Fox Farm, Technaflora, and Advanced Nutrients. Different things at different times, but mostly Fox Farm for the entire thing

  9. DrAutoflower on

    looking wicked. if you want those rrf to be most potent, let them flush for 2 more weeks, you wont be sorry you waited

  10. 215medicineman on

    Thanks for watching and the good words, ive been waiting for 5 years to finally get this setup and since i see results i love i just keep adding to it. And the most important part (for me) is its all legal here in CA.

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