18 & up. WAKE UP! with trendy nay.


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18 & up. WAKE UP! with trendy nay. come see me live right now! PLEASE SUBSCRIBE ABOVE THANKS! NEW LINKS BELOW! Thank you for being a subscriber! You guys rock! Please…

49 comments on “18 & up. WAKE UP! with trendy nay.

  1. pinkfloyd426 on

    morning Nay…I have a question…I think I have mag. def. :( In your opinion do you think its ok to use epsom salt to correct it I read a lot say its ok but I would like your opinion please 🙂

  2. pinkfloyd426 on

    maybe i should look into cal-mag  epsom salt sounds weird to me even tho a lot say do it … thanks man 🙂

  3. 620tonka on

    nay, i have been alcohol free for one month now thanks to cannabis and you my friend. watching, and chilling with you has certainly helped with that. thank you.

  4. Chris Carter on

    i gotta run to school nay ill catch u later ill send u a message on fb expect an inbox from chris da weedman

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