1500w LED grow – Radiant 500, Secret Cup, Sponsorships, Analytical360!

Outdoor OMMP Cheeba Grow PURE- MONSTERS UPDATE 8-16-14
August 17, 2014
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August 17, 2014

1500w LED grow - Radiant 500, Secret Cup, Sponsorships, Analytical360!So much to talk about!!


  1. Jonny Deuzbag says:

    OMG, im so high listening to this video at 11:30pm… i thought it was my
    cats crying outside, I was freaking out hahah

  2. Old Fart Grows says:

    congrats, respect

  3. Jimmy Turner says:

    What’s your instagram?

  4. Jimmy Turner says:

    It’s easy to get fourth when the others cheat. :-(

  5. Grow2dab says:

    Your vids are inspiring. Congrats on the scores/sponser too man, from what
    I can tell the oil game is just about refining the art
    (growing/extracting). You’re just going to get better and better, I’m

  6. Jimmy Turner says:

    Recycle the butane? Fuck man the more i watch your videos the more i
    realize I don’t know shit. I need to learn

  7. oneshotgrow says: