12,000 watt flower room..Week 4

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August 27, 2014
LST & HST Training; Cannabis Patient’s Outdoor Patio Grow
August 27, 2014

12,000 watt flower room..Week 4Just doing another weekly update to show the progress at this point… Week 4 starts today.


  1. Buddynuggets78 says:
  2. BolagnaSheetsMD . says:

    looks great bro, I always try for a little wiggle room too, so each plant
    can get some attention, and I am not tripping over anything or have a hard
    time with flushing. the ladies look nice and full on week 4

  3. TrichomeJungle says:

    Looking good and its always good to have working room, and most are.just
    jealous If they say anything. 

  4. 420Science Lab says:

    bro its your garden good shit fuck haters…keep it growin