☆☆ Day 7 EXTRAS ☆☆

COOKIES KUSH Barney’s Coffeeshop Cannabis Cup 2014 Entry – Amsterdam Weed Review
November 18, 2014
Reporter Mike Sugerman Puts Bay Area Medicinal Marijuana Dispensary Products To The Test
November 18, 2014

WAY TOO HIGH HAHA Forgot to put this in day 7’s video but here it is, enjoy 😛 OH and I almost forgot to tell you guys, we have some Justin Brower seeds coming in the mail and GodyBody seeds…


  1. Grow420Guy says:

    Extras for day 7 that I forgot to put into the video, sorry about that
    haha! Cheers youtube :D

  2. Eron Johnson says:

    Ur suppose to transplant 2 week’s after seed pop’s up gives roots more time
    to get rapped around the whole bottom cup so it’s easier to transplant 

  3. CarterSince1985 says:

    I didn’t see holes in that last cup

  4. hog leg says:

    I usually transplant at about 3-4 nodes hight idk it would be a pain to
    transplant them that young