wild pot grass reefer bud marijuana growing next to highway in iowa on Sept 18 2009 growing wild


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bradhavingfun asked:

Stopped to fix a flat tire and lo and behold, what should I spy? I pot plant with some sweet looking little buds on it. Here is a legal question, Is it illegal to “touch” marijuanna that is growing in the ground? that couldnt be considered “control” of the pot i don’t think. who knows, with all the laws they have now. probably have a law about taking a hoto of pot on the side of the highway. lol

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  1. unionrdr on

    No,it’s just something I read in a book I owned about the subject. The pant you mentioned could be one of the ones discussed. But it’s been a long time since I read it. Packed away somewhere…so chill out..we all get sometimers sooner or later,lolz…

  2. contactss65 on


    LMAO you are uninformed. What about cannabis Indica? That is psychoactive as well. Before calling others uninformed it appears you should go study yourself.

  3. unionrdr on

    All hemp is Cannabis…but only sativa can get you high. Anyone saying otherwise is uninformed. Only cannabis sativa,when dried,decarboxilizes into (among others) delta 1 & delta 6 tetrahydrocanibinol. On the other hand,celery & wild lettuces also have a little of these “mystic molecules”.

  4. bradhavingfun on

    @iamrainhawk here you go iamrainhawk, another video of Maggie from when she was still a baby, kungfu butt fighting with our cat. youtube.com/watch?v=OxHk3ZV9-h0

  5. bradhavingfun on

    @l0veall I am glad you liked her, she is a cutie, here is a funny video of her getting groomed. youtube.com/watch?v=SEtX-J4DENg

  6. bradhavingfun on

    @kraken636 I just didn’t. deep ravine, lots of cars, people parked on the road next to me… didnt seem like the smart thing to do.

  7. bradhavingfun on

    @andyperkins99 yeah, Maggie is a doll. here is an awesome video of Princess Maggie May Maltese with Seals & Crofts Summer Breeze youtube.com/watch?v=WLI8LPAghqo

  8. bradhavingfun on

    @chokeyaneckbroke almost 40k views, wow. yeah, your right, it might have been a more exciting video if i video taped myself cutting it, drying it, smoking it, etc… but that would be a lot of work… besides, i left it there, lol.

  9. abbazin102 on

    @RickieKRUFF I know it’s as if all humanity is brainwashed in to thinking that cannabis was man made and Earth doesn’t need it.

  10. MrWeedplant on

    It’s insane how money grows on the side of high ways… you should have pulled that mother fucker outta the ground and taken it home..

  11. RickieKRUFF on

    @rolandsonofstephen the damn thing is perfectly natural, why the hell dem feel dem have di right to destroy it????? they need to open their eyes

  12. smallfatty on

    @rolandsonofstephen i have grown pot for many years and have vast knowledge of marijuana but i cannot tell the difference between plants with no THC and CBD and plants that do have high content of such chemicals from this quality video. I struggle to see how you know this is weak strain. on another note, HEMP does not necisarily mean it has no THC or CBD and is just the industrial word for pot. The reason it is illegal is because chemical and fabric companies pay alot of money to keep it illega.

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