US Marines find Marijuana growing in Farah Afghanistan 2/7 G Co


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i5000s asked:

Marines from 2/7 Golf company find pot fields 🙂 Go Marines!

25 comments on “US Marines find Marijuana growing in Farah Afghanistan 2/7 G Co

  1. duboisiboy on

    @mrbubetube Do you realise that if a small percentage of American land was dedicated to growing hemp then the USA could produce all of its own fuel? The oil wouldn’t be needed. It is a real problem that there are people out there with your fear and ignorance who still try to prevent hemp from reaching its potential. Hemp will be the saviour of the world, all its products are 100% biodegradable, it’s cultivation is pesticide free and it leaves the land in better condition for future crops, duh!

  2. mrbubetube on

    @TheDakandyman No it isn’t. After Karzai took office, he made it illegal and asked the US for assistance in destroying it.

  3. foideplm on

    why would someone want to make this plant extinct? it’s like wanting to kill all the panda bears in the world, and that would be horrible

  4. here2there11 on

    @mrbubetube man.. your on some stupid shit. you literally are the biggest douche that has ever commented on this video. you may have just made everyone reading these comments a tad bit dumber. so, shut the fuck up and smoke a blunt

  5. mrbubetube on

    @lacrosselover420 The American military is not there to send marijuana back to the states. We need the oil and the lithium and other precious minerals. As far as the marijuana goes, their job is to DESTROY all the marijuana in Afghanistan and eradicated it from the country.

  6. mrbubetube on

    Makes me feel proud that it’s the AMERICAN military that’s taking up the holy task of going around the world to destroy marijuana whereever it’s being grown. Soon we will have this evil plant eradicated and extinct from our planet. We must not stop until we accomplish this goal.

  7. 520fracki on

    @gr4381582 dude did you forget its nature?do you need to water the trees in the forest? no becase its all natural , another good point on why it should be legalized

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