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September 30, 2010
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September 30, 2010
MedicMan2009 asked: If you want a custom bubbleponic system email me! I can build you one! TOKE ON! hydroponics, hydroponic, hydrophonics, hydrofonics, hydrofonic, grow lights, growlights, grow lamps, lamps, hydroponic systems, hydro, greenhouse, fluorescent,…


  1. falcon2160 says:

    Super nice choice on the musical accompanyment for your product.

  2. iD3TRO1T says:

    They have “ready to grow” packages on their site w/ lights for under $300. Starting @ $189.95 USD

  3. g22ad694 says:

    Stealth Hydroponics overcharge… alot. You can build the same system for about $340 less than they charge… your choice though 😛

  4. importsc41886 says:

    u can buy this type of system on ebay for around $25.00 shipped from bstoneki

  5. wcocci79 says:

    I just ordered a DWC kit from this company I will check back when I get it going and let you know how it is… snakenare12 u bought this system? let me know what you think of it.. Did it take you forever to get it from the company like me ?

  6. ismokegreentrees says:

    you cant tell howmuch you are going to get before your plants are done, you could get an ounce per plant, or maybe 8 ounces per plant, depends on how you grow them, what strain it is, how long you leave them in the vegitative stage, what kind of bulbs your useing..alot of diffrent factors. but i have never gotten less than a half ounce of dry product off of a plant, so it could be anywhere from 3-30 ounces off 6 plants.depends how big they are before you bud them, and what you bud them with

  7. snakenate12 says:

    just bought one cant wait till it comes

  8. Pitraptor says:

    hydro does make some noise yes, but its a small enough noise to put it in say a closet or a large shell like a speaker system and either not hear it or not be able to distinguish the noise from a machine. As usual, if your trying to keep it hidden, disguise all aspects, including noise.

  9. mshemgotbanned says:

    wont all the water make noise?

  10. fenderbass3 says:

    how much of a yield could you expect out of each plant or even 6 plants? I’m not looking for the maxium amount under perfect conditions. Just an average of what to expect out of that.

  11. alexman18 says:

    badass system, good buy for beginners.

  12. Pitraptor says:

    Oh I know that, I use an aerogarden, before that I used a passive with CFL. I just wanted to know how that thing can be not seen and immidiately recognized as a machine growing herbs. I think of stealth like the sunlight sheds lineup. Some of those are ingeniousely stealthy. However I do realize the lower energy usage and lower heat mark can be very helpful keeping the feds off your front porch.

  13. KautionLV says:

    It’s in the lights they are low energy and dont generate any heat what so ever,those lights can be on for months with out ever being turn’d off and you can touch them with no problem and they will never harm the plant,meaning you put them two inches from the plant at all times with never a problem check the website it explains….

  14. Pitraptor says:

    Where’s the stealth in that thing?!

  15. blessthymaverick says:

    those things cost 80 bucks, you could save 40 and build one your self. probably cheaper if you looked around.

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