Stealth 420 Grow Dresser; Stealth Marijuana Growing

is compact fluorescent light work for growing marijuana?
September 22, 2010
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September 22, 2010
420stealthmicrogrow asked:

This is my stealth grow box, the grow dresser. i learned how to grow from I grow my own personal marijuana and have a medical card, but have to grow it secretly because my roommates are anti-marijuana and would kick me out if they knew i was growing. I grow all my marijuana in stealth grow boxes including pc grow boxes and stealth dressers.


  1. StealthGro says:

    Very nice setup man. Are the fans loud, I have one 10″ fan and it can be heard with a keen ear.

  2. ScottBabes16 says:

    i think this is amazing thumbs up for you man i want to make one similar to this when i move out of my mums :S but ima have mine open fro the side 🙂 this is amazing granted

  3. akatripping says:

    where did u buy the lights from? can u send me a msg or link?

  4. ThaRealHipHop2008 says:

    Love that farm! What do you yield out of that?

  5. manheimcastel says:

    Song name please?

  6. AtivanRocks says:

    will you sell this or show me step by step how you made it?

  7. lazarus822 says:

    @soccerpml21 12/12 is the light distribution once you are ready to flower man, something around 18/16 for veg growth…if it is an autoflowering plant like this lowryder is you don’t have to worry about, it will flower whenever it wants to, you can’t control it

  8. lazarus822 says:

    hey if you get a chance dude can you mssg me over youtube and let me know where you got all the parts for the dresser, thx

  9. lazarus822 says:

    @partyongarth420 actually he is right about the distribution over an area, the cfl’s focus it in a more concentrated area whereas the tubes distribute it over their entire surface area. His main point was that since the light is distributed rather than concentrated you have less of a chance of burning your precious plants. I did not see him make the statement that there was any difference in wattage bro.

  10. partyongarth420 says:

    cfls distribute the light just fine.. thats a nice set up for being quiet and all… u could have a real bad ass cfl box with a squirrel cage fan though..

  11. partyongarth420 says:

    no offense but you dont know what your talking about with the spiral cfls…… only the wattage matters… when ur packing either a t5 fluorescent tube or several spiral cfls into a box like a dresser or small closet… its gonna fill in with light…tubes and cfls are like the same thing u jack ass lol..

  12. ReaCTiioNzZzZ says:

    @soccerpml21 12 hours of light and 12 hours of dark

  13. soccerpml21 says:

    what do u mean by 3k ? lighting?

  14. soccerpml21 says:

    @420stealthmicrogrow the only thing i dont understand is what is 12/12

  15. 89Epro says:

    Love the box. Where did you get the fans?

  16. 89Epro says:

    Nice job i am impressed. Is it silent?

  17. craw0808 says:

    How did you construct your intake fan light traps. Need some guidence on how to make mine better

  18. bongcrusha420 says:

    @MrMERK19 lol 12/12 is flowering… 12+ to 24 is veging, most people do around 16-18 hours of light for veg,
    thers only 2 cycles in plants life so 3 diferent times you have listed are way rong 😛

  19. ojgville says:

    nice. the tube lamps are a great idea.

  20. mrswartz says:

    how do you know if the plants will fit in it if you havent grown before? because i can buy clippings or maybe seeds but nobody will tell him whats the name or whatever because they dont kno lol..

  21. MrMERK19 says:

    @420stealthmicrogrow how much light do i give a one week old plant, an how long l give for is it. 18 to 24 hours of light for what 2 weeks then 12/12 when vegging then 18/6 for flowering but the question is the time periods for each light cycle. an by the way im growing in a pc grow case.

  22. shalashaska5791 says:

    check myy vids does any 1 hav an idea which strain would fill my grow, wanted 2 prune to give height but my 1st grow and dnt wanna mess up. so sexing both them in there, PPL florescents and cfl work, i been smashed on cfl buds believe me. maybe grow bit slower or smaller, but 4 the hobby or personal grower means save £££ on bills

  23. shouldermissle says:

    Haze go with 1 heavy yielder with a scrog method. orrrr 2 autoflowers with an lst you could probably pull 1 oz. my 2 c’s

  24. ndnpicker says:

    Yeah you can grow up to eight but yu trade off big time. You wont get big buds and good weight. Best to plant three or four and get a better yield. If you grow autoflower you wont have to wait long between harvest. Dont get greedy. Grow eight and your wasting seed

  25. SHOP ELECTRONICS!!! says: