Sanford and Son – Growing Marijuana

Going inside a medical marijuana growing facility
September 4, 2010
Slightly Stoopid meets stick figure and JBB – 2am
September 4, 2010
Ray8286 asked:

They find marijuana growing in the garden.


  1. OneLifeFree says:

    Lamont looks like George McCrae, the dude who sang “Rock Your Baby”.

  2. kevinsilverado says:

    Funniest episode of SAS ever!!! Even though Fred wasn’t in this episode Grady (Whitman Mayo) pulled off one of the funniest episodes of sitcom history.

  3. OneLifeFree says:

    You mean dat Marijuana?

  4. styx4ever1963 says:

    Before we turn it in why dont we do a little turning on!

  5. SuperRobbie1976 says:

    does that look like wild parsley to you. YOU MEAN THAT MARIJUANA. hahahahaha

  6. ShadowShogun50 says:

    my dad Loves this show from his childhood and as do I !
    but he really wants to watch one of the episode where Sanford starts a business with a guy from Texas selling wine(or something like that) but the Drinks they sold Makes everyone Bald!

  7. RetroJenny says:

    @pookylooky Well compared to most of the shows on tv now, Sanford and Son, Three’s Company, and Happy Days are great shows.

  8. mswinkp60 says:

    I love Rollo! I wonder if he really did get lifted in those days? His eyes are quite red! He still lives in California, and had a birthday in August. He’s in his 70’s now. I would love to know how he’s doing. He is one character that didn’t seem to get the recognition he so deserved! He is my favorite character besides “Fred”. I’ve watched Sanford & Son since the 70’s, and I still laugh as hard now as I did then. The original episodes are the best.

  9. ErbmanHustlin says:

    @nedmorlef the uk is also relying on the rest of america following suit. u know how are government is firmly up your ass lol

  10. nedmorlef says:

    sad, i’m supposedly a free american. i’ve been smokin this stuff 30 years and hiding from my gov’t the whole time.

    California,america is counting on you to “stop the tyranny”.

  11. Mangaboy94 says:

    Lamont: “I’ll burn it”

    Rollo: “That’s exactly what I had in mind.”

  12. israeldogfather says:

    give it to the police?! lollll what are you crazyyyyyyy

  13. WC7495 says:

    This shit is on TV RIGHT fucking now. G-O-L-D

  14. pardyhardly says:

    Lamont is a such a buttclench. He should have let Rollo take it home and smoke it, problem solved.

  15. 290SIRIUS says:

    this is my show lmfao LATIN LETTUCE

  16. SABBOU7TE says:

    enough for everybody lmao

  17. CAU98 says:

    What ever happened to the actor that played Rollo Nathaniel Taylor? He just dropped off the planet.

  18. firegarden90 says:

    @majinish Lmfao! XD

  19. galaxyflyer1 says:

    What episode is this from? I thought Ive seen all of them.

  20. majinish says:

    Lamont: “I’ll burn it”
    Rollo: “That’s exactly what I had in mind.” rotfl! XD

  21. labrawn says:

    rollo was the man and im 21 saying this…

  22. steeltownbrown52 says:

    Rollo really stood-out in that scene. He was never really like that on Sanford.

  23. weveseenit says:

    Rollo was so fine and cool and sexy.

  24. therealraybaby says:

    Lamont was a square Rollo was a pymp!